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In Carter’s loft, Zende hollers over the fire alarm that Zoe and Carter seem to be serious as he glances at the ring. Zoe replies it’s serious if she decides to accept it. Confused, Zende asks, “Did you accept Carter’s proposal or not?” He can’t understand what could possibly stop her. Zoe says it’s a lot to process. Zende knows exactly what that sort of commitment entails, but Carter is such a kind guy and adores her. Zoe asks if he’s telling her she should marry Carter. The fire alarm stops and Zoe wonders if Zende has something to say. He begins to tell her about the text he wrote her that didn’t send, but Paris and Carter return. Carter wants time alone with Zoe. Before he leaves, Zende advises Zoe, “Don’t let this one go. Congrats.” After, Carter explains he wants Zoe by his side in good times and bad and asks if she’ll do him the honor of being his wife. Zoe accepts. She’d be honored to be his wife. He puts the ring on her finger and they kiss.

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Quinn enters the beach house, pours a drink, and determinedly tells Flo that she will be back in her husband’s house. She’s frustrated that she hasn’t heard from Shauna and learns that Flo hasn’t either. Quinn doesn’t know what Shauna was thinking shacking up with her husband and muses she better have left as she promised. Once alone, Quinn flashes to happier times with Eric.
Quinn flashback B&B

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At the Forrester Estate, Shauna asks Eric if he wants her to leave so he can try saving his marriage. Eric gets a text from Wyatt, who’s at the gate. Shauna decides it’s best Quinn doesn’t find out she’s still there, and ducks out. Wyatt enters and Eric asks if he’s come to defend his mother. Wyatt acknowledges that Quinn’s made more mistakes than most, but reminds Eric she didn’t act alone — Shauna had to execute their plan. Eric argues Quinn manipulated Shauna. He doesn’t think he has the energy to give her another chance and grumbles, “We shall see.” Wyatt fishes to see if he knows where Shauna went and realizes she’s still staying there. Eric assures him she offered to leave but he insisted she stay. Wyatt makes another appeal on Quinn’s behalf — her flaws are outweighed by her strengths, one of which is how much she loves Eric. He pleads with Eric to give her another chance. Later, Eric finds Zende looking at his undelivered text to Zoe. Zende covers as he reports that Zoe and Carter are getting married. She’s going places and, lucky Carter, those places will all be with him.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Wyatt levels an accusation at Shauna.

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