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In Thomas’ apartment, he confirms to Hope that the mannequin is the one Charlie is looking for, but he didn’t come clean because he wasn’t sure how people would react. He complains Liam always thinks the worst of him. As Hope studies the mannequin, it coaxes, “Hope’s not afraid. She wants you. This is your chance.” Hope admits the doll is disconcerting as the mannequin urges Thomas to make his move. Thomas holds his head as Hope and the mannequin talk over each other. Hope asks him to be honest; “Are you sure you’re all right?” Thomas has a headache, hasn’t been sleeping great, and is spending a lot of time alone, but she shouldn’t be concerned. Talk turns to trusting each other at work. Thomas explains it means a lot to be working on her line; she’s an important part of his life. He recaps he’s determined to be a better person and father. Hope’s concerned about his lonely existence; while the doll may be great for inspiration it may not be the best for company. Thomas insists it’s not creepy like Liam claims, but doesn’t want Hope to take him off the line. Hope loves his designs and wants him to continue… whatever it takes. She won’t make him take the mannequin back to the office. “I think this is helping you unleash something you’ve had inside of you all along.”
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Liam arrives at Finn’s office. The doctor assumes he’s there about Thomas. Liam complains Hope and Steffy don’t believe him when it comes to Thomas, but he knows Finn sees it. He explains Thomas is still dangerous and is in a darker, creepier place than Finn could imagine. Finn thinks Steffy knows her brother better than Liam, who argues that Thomas is manipulating her and Hope. Exasperated, Liam asks, “Don’t tell me he’s got you fooled too?” Finn questions Liam not listening to Steffy and wonders if part of what Thomas said about him is true. The doctor gets into it about how close Liam is with Steffy — it’s why he can’t discount what Thomas said and wonders how Hope feels about it. Liam says she’s fine with it and touts the garbage Thomas is spewing. Finn believes his priority should be his family with Hope; Thomas may not be far off the mark — the time he’s spending with Steffy could be affecting his marriage.
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At Forrester Creations, Carter walks in on Paris telling Zoe how Zende overheard her gushing about him saying he’s so smart and sexy. Carter thinks she might have been talking about him and then realizes they’re discussing Zende. He remarks on Zoe and Zende getting to know one another while working together. Zoe agrees; she can see why her little sister likes him. Paris interjects that Zoe warned her off of Zende. Carter’s puzzled — why would she not want her sister involved with him? Zoe just doesn’t want her to get her hopes up. Carter wonders if she’s picked up on Zende being interested in her, and thinks Paris and Zende would have a good time together. Paris asks, “You’re just looking out for me, right sis?” Carter invites Paris for dinner and will ask Zende over too. Zoe blurts, “Are you sure?” Carter declares it will be a great night.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas has dinner with the Hope mannequin.

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