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At Forrester Creations, Hope gushes over Thomas’ design and he questions why Zende is her lead designer and not him. Liam calls and Hope puts him on speakerphone — he’s running over to see Kelly at Steffy’s. Hope disconnects and Thomas senses she’s put out. He asks if she wants to talk about it, but Charlie enters to report the Hope mannequin is missing. It’s a real head-scratcher and he asks Thomas, “Help me out here.” Thomas plays dumb about the box and Charlie suggests he take fish oil for his short-term memory. He’s deduced that someone took the mannequin and questions why. Thomas flashes to the Hope doll talking to him. After Charlie exits, Hope asks what’s going on — he was completely somewhere else. Thomas feels responsible since he was there when Charlie dropped it off, then changes the topic back to Liam — he can tell Liam spending so much time with Steffy is bothering her by her expression. Hope parrots that he’s a devoted father. Thomas gets that, but it’s clearly hurting her. He feels she’s in the same position Ridge put Brooke and Taylor in because Liam can’t seem to help himself. Thomas says Hope deserves happiness; he wishes she could see inside his head to how incredible he thinks she is; he’s always thought so and always will.
Charlie reports missing doll B&B

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In the design office, Zende greets Paris who is back again, and they banter. She wants to know more about him and he asks to hear the juicy details of her life. They discuss her desire to help people and she notes she’ll never be part of the glamorous world of Forrester. Zende thinks she’d give any supermodel a run for her money. She counters that he’s a famous designer and knows her life is more boring. Zende asks to see photos on her phone, but she can’t find it. Zende gets called away, but wants to see her again. After Zende exits, Donna enters and finds Paris fanning herself. They agree he’s gorgeous. He returns as Paris describes his hotness. Donna laughs. Paris turns and Zende says, “You’re something else yourself Paris Buckingham.”
Paris hot for Zende B&B

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At Steffy’s place, she and Liam banter about how amazing Kelly will grow up to be. He’d like to catch up and Steffy has a feeling she knows what he wants to discuss. Liam shrugs sheepishly. He goes in to see Kelly and emerges from the bedroom in time to see Finn has arrived and is getting close with Steffy. Finn wonders how much time he spends there. Liam quips, “Just enough to annoy you.” Talk turns to Thomas not being a fan of Liam coming over either. Steffy and Liam take to bickering over whether Thomas has changed. When she alludes to his obsession with Hope, Finn fills Liam in on his recent conversation with Thomas where he said Hope was giving him signs. Liam grows intense and wants to know every syllable of what he said.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam sets out to keep Thomas away from Hope.

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