Eric listens to Shauna B&B
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In the Forrester living room, Shauna and Quinn bicker about Shauna living with Eric. Quinn insists she shouldn’t be there — if she was her friend, she would leave! She can’t believe Shauna’s been there playing lady of the manor. Shauna urges her to listen to her if she wants to come back. Quinn wants her to do her cheerleading routine with Eric then leave so they can reunite. Shauna insists she told Eric what they did wasn’t malicious but he’s hurt and disillusioned; Quinn should probably leave before he gets home. Quinn warns Shauna not to leave her in the dark and walks out. After, Eric rejoins Shauna, who thinks he still loves Quinn. Eric reminds Shauna she made a mistake, but Quinn broke a promise to him — she wanted to see Brooke’s marriage in ruins. Shauna pleads with him not to give up on Quinn and says it’s time for her to go. She wheels out a suitcase and makes another plea for him to take Quinn back. Eric recalls his wife promised she’d never go back to her scheming harmful ways, but she targeted his son’s marriage. He knows Shauna never would have done it on her own. He laments that it shouldn’t be this hard. Eric finds it lovely that Shauna’s never spoken a bad word about Quinn — he’d like to have that energy around there and won’t allow her to leave. Eric exits to return her luggage to the guest house and Shauna turns to look at Quinn’s portrait… and slowly smiles.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt angles for office sex with Flo; it’s more private now that Quinn’s living with them. Flo reveals her mother is being secretive and won’t tell her where she is or what’s going on. Wyatt presumes she left town after the craziness Quinn put her through. Quinn busts in and asks Flo, “Did you know? Did she tell you not to say anything?” Wyatt and Flo learn Shauna’s living with Eric. Flo protests; she didn’t know. Quinn complains that apparently there’s only one villain in this scenario and, as usual, it’s her. She told Shauna she should leave.
Flo surprised B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Paris teases Zoe for not telling her about her relationship with Carter. They go over taking it slow and Carter says he’s been interested in Zoe for longer than he’d like to admit. He invites Paris to join them for dinner, but she declines. Carter exits and Paris learns Carter was named COO and thinks Zoe must feel she hit the jackpot. Zoe looks thoughtful. Suddenly, Zende walks in. Zoe introduces him to Paris. He’s surprised he hadn’t heard Zoe had a sister. When Zoe gets called away, Zende chats with Paris, who graduated college in social work and wants to help people. Zende finds that noble. They talk about him being a designer and he reveals he’s a Forrester.
Zoe thoughtful B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, sparks fly between Zende and Paris.

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