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At home, Brooke and Ridge discuss the situation with Eric and Quinn. Brooke feels it’s a wake up call and hopes Quinn will soon be out of their lives for good. She takes a call from Bridget, who is happy for her and Ridge and hopes her father’s eyes are now open where Quinn’s concerned. Brooke disconnects and promises to give Quinn a fight if that’s what she wants. She’s worried Eric might forgive her. Ridge remarks that he seemed sad and detached. Brooke recaps that Quinn’s a horrible person. Circling back to themselves, Brooke declares their relationship is destiny. Ridge wants to live life on their terms and forget about everyone else.
Bridget calls B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn demands to know why Shauna’s there. Eric invited her to stay. Quinn asks why he’d do that… and more importantly, why Shauna would accept. She can’t believe he invited another woman to live in their home without consulting her. Eric replies that it’s his house, and he and Shauna clarify she’s staying in the guest house. When Quinn snarks at Shauna, Eric defends her. Quinn’s stunned — what’s going on?! Eric cautions Quinn against bullying Shauna, who’s lost enough because of her. Quinn wants to get back into the house but Eric doesn’t see that happening anytime soon and lights into her before ordering her to leave. Shauna convinces him to let her stay so they can talk. Once alone, Quinn rounds on Shauna and accuses her of making a play for her husband. (Here’s why we hope, hope, hope she is — the Quinn/Shauna battle would be epic!) Shauna denies that’s her intent; Eric’s just not that receptive to Quinn right now — she disappointed him. Quinn’s suspicious at how this has turned out. “Eric is my husband. He belongs with me, not you!” Shauna’s upset to have to defend herself, but Quinn feels it’s inappropriate for her to live there. She can’t understand why she’s the only one being blamed for what happened in Vegas and insists Shauna get Eric to forgive her. Quinn yells that it’s her house and her portrait on the wall, and orders Shauna to pack her things and move out… today!
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At Forrester Creations, a young woman tells Donna at the reception desk that she’s looking for Zoe but doesn’t have an appointment. Zoe appears and gasps — it’s her sister Paris Buckingham, who didn’t tell her she was coming. Paris didn’t want to miss the look of shock on her big sister’s face. Introductions are made between Donna and Paris, then Zoe takes her sister into the office. Paris marvels at her being an integral part of the fashion house. In reception, Eva the publicist advises Donna to put up the Hope mannequin, it was a big hit overseas. Meanwhile, Zoe tells Paris she’s proud of the college graduate and Paris explains she’s in town to assist a friend helping the homeless. Talk turns to their dad and the kidnapping. Paris knows how Reese pushes one’s buttons and counsels Zoe to forgive herself. She asks about Xander and is fishing to find out if there’s a new man when Carter enters. Zoe introduces them, and Paris calls him a gorgeous man.
Paris arrives B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn turns to Flo seeking answers about Shauna.

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