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At the cliff house, Steffy’s in disbelief that Finn’s telling her Thomas is seeing signs Hope wants to be with him and not Liam. Finn relays he questioned him, but Thomas avoided answering and seemed disoriented. Steffy thought her brother was getting better and exclaims, “After all this time he’s still fixated on Hope?”
Steffy exclaim B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas hears the doll voice as Hope asks if he’d like to tell her where his mind’s at. She asks about his lack of sleep and Thomas hints at having nightmares. Hope urges him to discuss the bad dream, but he declines. They agree they’re happy to be working together as parents. Hope feels he’s worked hard to prove he’s moving on from them, and her. As Thomas heads out he hears the doll telling him not to go, then stops to assure Hope she doesn’t have to worry. After, Zende wanders in and admires Thomas’ work — he’s a talented artist. Hope muses that he’s a tortured one as well. She worries he’ll always be troubled. She recalls how bad things were… if it turned out he was still sick she doesn’t know what she’d do.

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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Eric discuss Quinn and Shauna’s deception. Eric thinks Shauna was the pawn. Quinn enters. She needed to see Eric and needed to be home. Eric feels there’s nothing left to say. Quinn’s seeking healing, but Ridge barks that may not be what his father’s after. Quinn wants to plead her case to Ridge as well. It doesn’t go well as she claims she was trying to help and didn’t think it would take Brooke to move on. Ridge informs her she won’t get his or Brooke’s forgiveness and adds Brooke wants Eric to leave her. Ridge storms out. Quinn appeals to Eric, “You still want me to be your wife, don’t you?” Eric rants — how many times can he have the rug yanked out from under him for believing she’s changed? Quinn pleads for him to let her come home. They bicker over Brooke and Quinn starts in on Shauna being better for Ridge. Eric wants to focus on them, and where they’ll go from here. Quinn insists they can get through this. Suddenly, Shauna comes down the stairs. Stunned, Quinn asks what she’s doing there.
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At Steffy’s place, Thomas learns that Finn told his sister he said Hope would rather be with him. He claims that Finn misunderstood, he meant that was in the past. Thomas continues that he hasn’t eaten or slept, and insists he’s accepted Hope and Liam. Steffy’s glad to hear it. Thomas assures Finn he’s not upset with him and reassures Steffy again. As he talks about things being different at home now, Finn looks concerned. Later, Ridge arrives in time to hear Steffy and Finn discussing Thomas. They fill him in. Ridge would hate to think Thomas is lying and isn’t over Hope at all.

At home, Thomas paces and watches the doll suspiciously before informing her she’s going back. He grabs one leg and puts her back in the box, but she begins to cackle and her eyes turn red.
Hope doll red eyes B&B

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