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At Forrester Creations, Carter updates Ridge and Brooke that he just came from the courthouse — their divorce is officially null and void. In case there’s any doubt as to their status, Carter says, “I pronounce you, still, husband and wife.”
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In the design office, Zoe tells Zende about her special night with Carter. She’s getting closer to knowing what to do about his offer to move in. Zoe lets Zende know his opinion on it matters more than anyone else’s. Zende shrugs that it’s up to her; he wants her to be happy. She goes on about all the good things in her life as Zende keeps glancing at the text that didn’t send to her. Zoe questions him. Zende has something to say but worries it’s too late. Carter enters. After an exchange about work schedules, Carter leaves and Zende tells Zoe he’s a lucky guy.

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At Spencer Publications, Quinn informs Wyatt that she and Eric aren’t in a good place right now. She moved into a hotel to give him space, but it’s only temporary until he realizes he wants her back. Talk turns to Shauna needing time for herself as well. Wyatt mutters about Quinn ripping her life apart. Flo blurts that Quinn can stay with them at the beach house. Wyatt raises an eyebrow. Quinn emphatically accepts — it’s just what she needs right now. Wyatt gestures at Flo behind her back as she heads out to buy healthy groceries. At the door, Quinn turns to say she hasn’t given up on Eric and refuses to believe he’s given up on her. Once alone, Wyatt protests to Flo about her ‘generosity’. Flo argues Quinn needs a stable place to work on getting Eric back. She’s certain Quinn will get Eric to forgive her, then they’ll have their place back.

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Eric joins Ridge and Brooke at Forrester and is pleased to hear their happy news. He apologizes for Quinn, but Brooke stops him. Quinn deceived him and manipulated the family. “You need to end your marriage. Today.” Later, Quinn drops in on Eric. She updates him that Flo offered for her to stay at the beach house and Wyatt reluctantly agreed. Eric’s sad that the love they shared wasn’t enough to change her ways. He notes Brooke encouraged him to end their marriage and she was right. Quinn disagrees — she’s changed. It’s because of him she believes in the possibility of forgiveness and won’t give up on him.
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At Brooke’s place, she conspires with Ridge to not let Eric forget what Quinn did; he needs her out of his life as soon as possible. Talk turns to the simple and predictable life they’ll have moving ahead together, and they kiss.

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