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At Vinny’s place, Thomas awakens, comes out to the living room, and peers at the Hope doll on the sofa. “There’s no way you were talking.” He lunges and shouts in its general direction but it remains silent. As he’s about to head outside to clear his head, the doll says, “Thomas, wait. Don’t go.” Thomas walks over and grabs the mannequin’s nose while telling himself it’s not real.

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At Forrester Creations, Hope asks Zende if he knows where Zoe is at; she’d like to include her in their meeting. Hope texted her this morning but didn’t hear back. As she talks, Zende looks at his phone distractedly. They’re going over Zende’s design when Thomas enters and shares his thoughts on how to soften the neckline; “It’s cluttered.” Zende snarks, “Gee, thanks.” Thomas zeroes in on Hope and stammers that she reminded him of someone. When he speaks to Hope alone, Thomas points out she needs his experience on her line. Hope isn’t prepared to bring him back on yet. Thomas hopes to change her mind and show her she can trust him. He flashes to the Hope doll talking. Hope asks why he’s staring at her; she knows something’s off. Thomas hasn’t been sleeping well but will get through it. He’s determined to become a better person. As he exits, he hears her say, “Don’t go,” but she said nothing. He closes his eyes in torment.

At Carter’s loft, Zoe comes downstairs wearing nothing but Carter’s shirt. After some gushing about how amazing last night was, Carter asks Zoe once again to move in with him. He can’t get enough of her and wants her around all the time. Zoe’s not ready for such a major step and isn’t up for rushing into things.

Zoe not rush B&B

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At Spencer Publications, Flo tells Wyatt he’s brilliant as he ends a business call. Talk turns to their moms and the devious scheme to manipulate Ridge. Flo notes it’s not something her mother would do. Wyatt admits his mom thrives on plotting and observes that there will be consequences for them both. Flo mulls what might have happened if they’d just let nature run its course. Wyatt’s certain Quinn wanted Brooke out of the picture. As Flo asks about Quinn and Eric, Quinn appears. Wyatt’s creeped out. She knows she disappointed her son, and Eric, and invites Wyatt to let her have it. Wyatt rants about how well she was doing — like a normal human being — and yet she still couldn’t keep from meddling. Quinn wanted the best for her friend. Wyatt knows there’s more to it. Quinn concedes she also wanted Brooke out of the family. Wyatt asks, “How’s that working out for ya’?”
Wyatt talks about moms B&B

Zoe arrives in the design office, where Zende says he was just thinking about her and relays that Hope was looking for her but she was nowhere to be found. Suddenly, he realizes his text to her last night didn’t send and muses about a lost opportunity. Zoe lets Zende know she spent the night with Carter.

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