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At the apartment, Thomas rants at the Hope mannequin and refuses to have this conversation. The mannequin wants to stay there, claims to know what Hope wants and says, “Because I am her.” Thomas warns she’s not real and says he’s just hearing voices. He glares at the mannequin who states, “Stop denying it… I’m here, right here.” Thomas keeps arguing but the mannequin professes to have missed him so much and asks if he’s missed her too. “Yes,” Thomas sighs and looks at her lips. He brings up Liam, but the mannequin calls him Mr. Flip-flop and only wants Thomas. “You need me as much as I need you.”

thomas talks to the hope mannequin again B&B

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Brooke joins Hope at Forrester and asks her and Liam to come to dinner. Hope’s distracted but agrees to ask Liam. Brooke can tell Hope’s upset and learns she has Thomas on the mind. She shows Brooke Thomas’ design and admits he wants another chance to work on Hope for the Future. Brooke doesn’t think that’s all he wants — and wants him as far away from Hope as possible. Hope defends how hard Thomas has worked to prove he’s in a stable, healthy place, but Brooke doesn’t want her to forget all the things he’s done. She wishes Thomas could have turned out differently but having Taylor as a mother… Brooke isn’t sure it’s possible he’ll ever recover from being emotionally imbalanced.

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In the design office, Zende draws a sketch of Zoe and thinks back to her modeling for him. Suddenly, Julius Avant appears and notes how consumed Zende is with his design. He recalls Zende crediting Nicole as his inspiration and wonders if it’s hard to find it nowadays. Zende apologizes for leaving Paris, and wants the best for Nicole, but Julius knows his girls can take care of themselves. He stuns Zende by saying he’ll always be proud of Zende, no matter what happens between him and Nicole. Zende’s touched that he can always go to Julius for advice. Julius is there for him and wonders if he’s dating again. Zende’s not dating but admits there is a woman, at Forrester, but, “It’s complicated.” Julius confirms this is awkward, since he had faith in Zende and Nicole, but simply wants him happy. Zende worries about hurting another guy who has feelings for the girl he’s interested in. Julius urges him, if he has feelings for this girl, don’t walk away — don’t give another guy the chance to win her over. Zende thanks him and they say their goodbyes. He then texts Zoe not to make any decisions where Carter is concerned and asks her to make an excuse to leave in order to meet him. Zende watches the video on his cell of Zoe singing and looks to the opened door.

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Over at the loft, Zoe wonders why Carter is so good to her and thinks back on the bad luck she’s had with men. It’s different with Carter. Carter admits he’s fallen in love with her. He wants a life with her and wants her in his bed, starting tonight. They kiss.

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