Hope grills Liam B&B
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At the cliff house, Steffy apologizes to Finn for Liam, who was out of line. Finn understands why he’s protective. She grins, “Do I need protection from you?” Finn teases, not unless him wanting to spend as much time as possible with her is a problem. They’re smiling at each other when Thomas arrives. He’s glad Steffy’s home and she thanks him for his support… and his confidence in her ability to chart her own course. Talk turns to Liam’s disapproval of Finn. Finn quips, “I’m crushed.” Steffy explains Liam will have to change his attitude because Finn’s not going anywhere. Thomas gives Liam’s perspective as a father, which surprises Steffy a little. She understands Liam will always care. Finn observes that Liam is married to Hope. Thomas sighs, “No one knows that better than I do.” He opens up a bit about wanting to design for Hope’s line before Steffy turns back to setting eyes on Finn in the hospital. Liam will have to find a way to deal with it because Finn’s part of her life now.

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In the cabin, Hope questions Liam about his motivations for having an issue with Finn. She thinks he may be jealous and points out he hasn’t denied it yet. Liam argues Steffy’s the mother of one of his children. Hope can’t understand what he’s protecting her from and they rehash Liam’s contention that Finn crossed a line. Hope thinks he seems like a good guy, cares about Steffy, and makes her happy. She warns he won’t be able to stop Steffy from seeing Finn and wonders if deep down he doesn’t want her to move on with any man that isn’t him. Liam still blames Finn for her getting hooked on pain meds. Hope thinks Liam’s trying to control Steffy’s life — he needs to take a step back; it’s none of his business and his attitude is affecting their relationship. Hope’s not afraid of losing him, but if he continues this, it’s disrespectful to both Steffy and her. “Just let it go. Let Steffy go.”

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In Forrester’s design office, Zoe offers to give Zende a fashion show on the spot. They discuss designers and fabric as Zoe heads behind the screen to change. She emerges in Zende’s design, a feminine blue lacy dress. He declares, “Beautiful.” Zoe throws on some swanky music for ‘atmosphere’ and Zende says, “Walk for me.” She spins and poses while maintaining eye contact. Zende declares he’s going to enjoy working with her. Zoe replies, “Same here. Modeling, messaging… whatever.” She feels that together they’re going to rock this place. Zende only wants Zoe to model his designs. He reflects that she’s beautiful, smart and funny; Carter’s a lucky guy. A strange expression crosses Zoe’s face and she reveals he asked her to move in with him… she told him she couldn’t.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Zende and Zoe discuss her relationship with Carter.

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