Liam called out B&B
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At Steffy’s house, Liam questions if getting involved with the guy who blurred the lines is the healthiest thing she could be doing right now. Finn re-enters and barks at Liam not to mess with Steffy’s head like that. He explains he forgot his phone and wonders where Liam’s concern is coming from. If Steffy wants to stop seeing him, that’s her decision, not Liam’s. Liam snarks that they were having a private conversation. Steffy thanks him for being a wonderful father but she can make her own decisions in her personal life. When she checks on Kelly, Liam informs Finn he has every right to voice his concerns. Finn doesn’t owe him any assurances but wants what’s best for Steffy and Kelly. Liam wants to believe him but he can’t due to his gut feeling — there’s something about Finn he doesn’t trust. After Liam leaves, Finn reiterates his good intentions to Steffy. He admits he always wanted to be a dad but work came first. She thinks he’s more than qualified. Finn understands why Liam’s protective; he also wants the best for her and Kelly. They share a kiss.
Finn goes off B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Hope worries to Thomas that Liam’s over at Steffy’s ranting about Finn. Zende enters. He can’t find Zoe to set up a meeting. He senses something’s bothering Hope and assures her she can tell him. Hope admits she’s frustrated with Liam taking things too far where Finn and Steffy are concerned. Thomas clarifies that Liam has a problem with it because Finn was her doctor when they started dating. Hope feels he seems like the type of man Steffy deserves. Thomas understands Liam wanting input given Kelly’s involved. Hope wonders if the overprotectiveness is Liam’s inability to see Steffy move on with another man. Zende just wanted to make sure Hope was okay. Thomas assures him they’re fine; he can go find Zoe. He needles Zende about his ‘debut’ and Zende points out he’s been designing in Europe for a while.

At Carter’s loft, Zoe’s touched by his offer to move in but she can’t accept it. She goes over the reasons she has abandonment issues, including her father. Carter hopes she’ll still think about it.
Carter rejected B&B

Zoe returns to Forrester as Thomas exits the office, drops his phone, bends over to retrieve it and bangs his head on Pam’s desk. She asks if he’s okay before joining Zende and Hope, and agrees with the blonde about Zende being a terrific addition. Later, Liam joins Hope and admits he and Finn got into it. Hope can’t believe he’s blaming Steffy’s addiction on the doctor. They debate at length until Hope stops Liam and tells him he needs to let Steffy live her life. It’s making her wonder if there’s more to it. “You may need to consider the possibility that your attitude toward Finn means you’re jealous.”

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In the design office, Zoe offers to model for Zende.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Zoe has a flirtatious modeling session with Zende.

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