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At Carter’s loft, he confirms he’s asking Zoe to move in with him. He knows it seems fast but he’s learned not to put things off and it will feel more like a home with her living there. Zoe assures him she’s not feeling pressured, she feels wanted, it’s nice, but points out they haven’t spent the night together yet. Carter’s ready when she is. He opens up about throwing himself into his work after he split from Maya. Carter waited for the right person and that’s Zoe. “Move in with me.” He wants to be exclusive and senses she feels the same way. An uncomfortable look crosses Zoe’s face. She acknowledges he’s good for her and is making it hard to say no.
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas asks Hope why Liam rushing over to Steffy’s bothers her. Hope says it’s Steffy’s personal life, and even though it impacts Kelly too, she thinks Dr. Finnigan’s a good choice. Thomas remarks on her noticing Finn. Hope may be married to Liam but she can see. She believes they all want love. Thomas doesn’t think it’s there yet. Hope feels it’s good Steffy has Finn in her life; she wishes Liam could see that. Zende enters with some preliminary designs for Hope’s line. Thomas narrows his eyes as she enthuses. She asks what he thinks. Thomas shrugs, “Yeah, looks good.” Hope sends Zende off to set up a meeting with Zoe, and talk turns back to Liam. Hope can’t understand him not letting her move on with her life, especially with someone like Finn.

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At Steffy’s place, Finn’s offended by Liam questioning his professional ethics. He’s fallen for Steffy and she wants him in her life; Liam will just have to accept that. Liam believes he’s not giving Steffy space to see the situation clearly. Finn argues that Liam’s not seeing him for who he is — he spoke openly with Steffy, who didn’t want to lose him as her doctor and chose to keep him in her life. Steffy emerges from the nursery and senses the tension. They all go over Steffy’s courage in facing her addiction. Steffy’s thankful Liam and Hope looked after Kelly while she was gone, and thanks Finn for having Amelia bring her home. “You knew exactly what I needed.” Liam rolls his eyes and asks for a moment alone with Steffy. Finn leaves, and Steffy realizes Liam’s concerned. He knows he has no right, but he sees trouble. Steffy’s dubious, “Trouble? With Finn?” Liam blames him for not seeing the signs of addiction because he was trying to date her. Steffy argues she hid the pills, he had no idea. Liam yammers that he crossed an ethical line, which reveals the man’s character. He tells her she can have any man she wants, so why does it have to be the guy who put her life in danger?
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