Carter floors Zoe surprise B&B
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At home, Steffy thanks Finn for making this happen. She can’t wait to see Kelly. Finn replies, “Check out the nursery.” Steffy gushes; is Kelly there? She enters as Finn smiles. He takes in the Steffy and Liam portrait until she returns and thanks him. She’ll never forget he reunited her with her daughter and is grateful he’s in her life and Kelly’s.
Steffy grateful B&B

At Forrester Creations, Thomas asks Hope to keep the door open to working with him; he loves the line and is one heck of a designer. He feels even Liam would give him that, if he weren’t busy brooding about the doctor. Liam grunts that he’s a good designer then launches into another rant about Finn. He gets a call from Amelia that she took Kelly to Steffy’s house at Finn’s request. Liam didn’t know she was home. He disconnects and complains about Finn insinuating himself into Steffy and Kelly’s life without even saying a word to him. He works himself into a lather about Finn’s presumptuous and how it’s his job to take Kelly to Steffy before storming out and slamming the door. Thomas resumes discussing work but senses Hope’s more focused on Liam. They agree they don’t want anything to ruin Steffy and Kelly’s reunion; Hope wishes Liam would chill out when it comes to Steffy’s new relationship. She thinks Finn’s a good catch and good for her. Hope wishes Liam could see it.
Thomas, Hope discuss Liam B&B

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In the design office, Zoe and Zende discuss the meaning of the word provocative as Carter enters. He has a surprise for her. Carter asks about their conversation and realizes Zende and Zoe speak their own language and they agree they’ve admired each other’s work for a while now. Carter is taking Zoe somewhere and teases about upgrading in another area besides at work.
Zende gaze Zoe B&B

At Carter’s new loft, which he bought from Ridge, Zoe realizes what he means by upgrading. He wants her to feel comfortable in his new digs since he plans on her spending a lot of time there. She’s stunned when he reveals he had her a key made and asks her to move in with him.

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Steffy and Finn are discussing her rehabilitation when Liam arrives. He’s so proud of Steffy and talks about how resilient she is; it’s inspiring. When Steffy goes in to see Kelly, Liam confronts Finn about arranging this and leaving him out. He starts in about his lack of objectivity and feelings for Steffy causing the opioid addiction that took her away from her daughter. Liam asserts that he’s always going to be there; Finn can’t circumvent him like he tried to do today. If he has a problem with that, he should find another patient to date!

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Finn takes control of a situation involving Liam and a rivalry is born.

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