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At the Forrester mansion, a panicked Quinn wonders where Eric is as she leaves him phone messages. Brooke arrives to confront her. Quinn invites her to take her victory lap and get it over with. Brooke reminds her things could have gone very differently but Quinn wanted to rub her nose in how honest Shauna is – that was a big mistake. Quinn won’t apologize for supporting her friend. Brooke counters this was not about her friend, but her hatred for Brooke. Quinn complains she tried to destroy her marriage. Brooke goes over Quinn’s manipulations and Quinn hollers that Ridge wanted out. Brooke wants her to own the chaos she’s created. “You’re hideous, you’re a loathsome person.” Brooke feels Eric and the rest of the family will soon see it too. Quinn wants her to leave, but Brooke isn’t done telling her about her strong bond with Ridge. She tells Quinn that Eric loves her, but his loyalty is to his family — to her and Ridge. Now her portrait will come down and she’ll be removed from their lives… forever.

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Quinn faces Brooke B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Eric flashes to walking out on Quinn before entering the office and greeting Zende. He’s not sure what the future holds for him and Nicole, but is grateful that Eric sees a bright future for him at the company. Eric glances at Quinn’s jewelry on the desk. Zende learns his grandfather isn’t certain about his future either. They commiserate about marriage being complicated. Eric feels the truth is better than living a lie – he can’t ignore what Quinn has done. Eric compliments Zende’s designs and wonders why he’s back. He reveals he got some information from Julius while golfing. Zende will always respect Nicole – they don’t want to hurt each other.
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In the design office, Carter updates Zoe on the turn of events with Ridge and Brooke still being married and confides that Shauna and Quinn did some shady stuff. He’s concerned about Eric’s marriage. Zoe figures Carter will fix everything and life will go on, but Carter’s not so sure.

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Zoe drops in on Zende in the main office to model a low-cut gown. He’s decidedly impressed but dodges yet another question about his marriage. Zoe’s looking forward to their collaboration.
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In the design office, Eric fondles Quinn’s jewelry and reminisces about better times together.

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