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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn admits everything Eric heard is true, but she had a good reason; she was worried about losing him. Eric hollers that she can’t justify setting Ridge up like this. Quinn argues Shauna was good for him. Eric knows this was about Quinn’s hatred for Brooke. Quinn rants about Brooke not respecting her as his wife and telling him to get rid of her – she would do anything to defend their marriage! Eric laments defending her; he believed she was a changed woman. Quinn concedes she overreacted, then starts in about Brooke again. Eric decides she hasn’t changed at all and doesn’t think she ever will. Eric believes her insecurities have destroyed their future, not Brooke. Quinn asks how she can regain his trust. Eric can’t do this – she’s crossed a line he cannot forgive. “I can’t even look at you, Quinn. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at you again.” He walks out as Quinn pleads. Alone, she turns toward her portrait and sinks to the sofa in despair.
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At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge go over Quinn and Shauna trying to ruin them. It didn’t work and now Ridge is there. He says, “Let’s make it right.”

At Forrester Creations, Zoe questions Zende about his wife not returning with him. Carter takes a call from Ridge, who wants his help at Brooke’s place. After, Zoe repeats her question about Nicole to Zende, who shrugs that life sometimes throws you curveballs. She expresses admiration and he asks if she’s flirting. Zoe replies, “If you have to ask then I guess I’m not doing a good job.” She offers to model his new designs and he muses that they’d look incredible on her. Zoe wants him to speak French, so he uses the opportunity to tell her she’s beautiful. Zoe has a boyfriend, but fishes to discover whether he’s back on the market – he’d be a hot commodity around there. They discuss Carter – Zende has a lot of respect for him. Talk turns to Zoe nearly marrying Thomas. She doubts another chance to be part of the Forrester dynasty will come along.
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Carter arrives at Brooke’s house, where Ridge enlightens him that the text he received about the divorce papers was from Shauna. Brooke interjects that it was all a manipulation led by Quinn. Carter advises if they can prove it, Ridge’s marriage to Shauna is null and void, and he and Brooke will still be married. They’re thrilled. Talk turns to Zoe and Carter; he believes it’s about to get serious. Ridge remarks on her past and warns him to be careful. Once alone, Brooke tells Ridge she can’t wait for Quinn’s world to crash around her.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Quinn’s hatred for Brooke ultimately backfires.

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