Eric confronts Quinn B&B
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At Brooke’s place, she and Ridge throw back to the last time he surprised her with a rose outside by the fountain. “You came back to me, Ridge,” she beams. Ridge recalls when he first saw her in 1987 – she’s the love of his life and he can’t be with someone else. He broke the news to Shauna, who had some news of her own. Ridge explains Katie told him before Shauna and sighs that it’s a long story. Brooke learns she was right about something being off about Vegas – Quinn manipulated the divorce papers and everything – she did all of it. Brooke’s thrilled that it means his marriage to Shauna’s invalid. They’ll never let anything come between them again.
Brooke thrilled B&B

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At the Forrester estate, Quinn’s sent everyone home and is on video chat with Shauna demanding to know what’s going on with her ‘good conscience crap’. She rants about Shauna wanting to come clean to Ridge. Shauna says Ridge called it off and it’s safe to say it’s over. Quinn’s appalled when Shauna admits she told him what happened in Vegas. “Do you have any idea what you’ve done?” Eric wanders in, unseen, as Quinn rails about Shauna sabotaging her future with Ridge and Shauna notes that Quinn just wanted Brooke out of Eric’s life. Shauna recaps that her marriage was built on lies. Eric continues listening in as they go over the details of manipulating Ridge and Shauna urges Quinn to come clean before Brooke gets to Eric. Shauna disconnects and Eric approaches Quinn as she gazes up at her portrait. She stammers that something came to light about the Vegas wedding. Eric wants her to stop lying – he heard all of it. He confronts her about the details and wonders if she ever considered how it would make him feel. “How could you do that, Quinn?!”

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At Forrester Creations, Carter assures Zoe there’s bound to be another Forrester wedding soon. She remarks on him being a sexy officiant before getting a message and exiting. Zende, (played by Delon de Metz) enters the office and Carter is surprised to hear he’s moving back and that he and Nicole split up – she’s staying in Paris. “I guess some things just aren’t meant to be,” shrugs Zende, who doesn’t want to get into it. He congratulates Carter on his promotion and quips, “There goes your dating life.” Carter smirks and relays he’s dating one gorgeous lady. Zoe enters and Carter makes introductions. It turns out they follow each other on social media and find one another to be very talented.
Zende returns B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Carter delivers startling information.

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