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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Brooke she’s delusional when she declares the Shauna and Ridge wedding won’t happen. Brooke accuses her of wanting to rub her face in it and reiterates she’s there to put a stop to it once and for all. Quinn reminds her she’s caused Ridge grief and disappointment for decades – she’s sick. Brooke laughs; that’s rich coming from her. She questions Quinn wanting her best friend to marry Ridge when he loves her. Quinn points out they’re already married. Brooke counters he doesn’t even remember it. Quinn retorts he’ll remember today’s and adds, “So deal with it Logan, or else.” Brooke believes Quinn had something to do with her and Ridge being apart and the look in her eye confirms it. Brooke’s determined to go upstairs to find Ridge but Quinn hollers there’s no way and rants that Shauna’s a good woman – a ‘slut’ like Brooke wouldn’t understand. She’s the mistress of this house and Brooke’s being evicted from the family.

At Brooke’s place, Donna tells Hope that Brooke went to the Forrester estate to stop the ceremony. Hope worries they should have gone with her and imagines the fireworks between her mother and Quinn. Donna wonders if Brooke was able to get to Ridge before the wedding.
Hope talks to Donna B&B

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Outside her friend’s house, Shauna paces and struggles with guilt.

At Forrester Creations, Katie informs Ridge that he and Brooke can reunite now that he knows the truth about Shauna. Ridge recalls Shauna promised she would never lie to him and needs to talk to her. Katie predicts she’ll be apologetic, but warns he cannot trust her ever again. Once alone, Ridge takes a video call from Shauna, who has something weighing on her. Ridge knows she texted Carter. “You lied to me.” Shauna’s so sorry – she wanted a life with him. She admits Quinn was involved but she could have refused. Shauna will never forgive herself for destroying his trust – could he ever forgive her. Ridge reveals he wasn’t going through with the ceremony today. Shauna guesses, “Because you love Brooke.” She tears up; being his wife was the happiest she’s ever been – there will never be another man she wants as much.
Ridge absorbs truth B&B

At home, Brooke asks Donna and Hope to let her be alone and reminisces about Ridge. Suddenly, she notices rose petals and follows them to find Ridge waiting with a single rose. He can’t exchange vows with Shauna – it’s always been Brooke, his beautiful Logan. They kiss.

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At the Forrester estate, Quinn’s stunned when Shauna calls to say it’s all over – her marriage to Ridge is over.
Quinn stunned B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Eric overhears Quinn in a video chat conversation.

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