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At Brooke’s place, she and Donna go over Ridge’s plans to marry Shauna. Brooke argues that he’s still in love with her, but Donna questions if he’s doing it because he wants to. Brooke believes he’s being manipulated and declares it all ends today. She has no proof but knows Ridge wouldn’t have impulsively married Shauna in Vegas and the only times he’s drank so much was with Shauna. Donna worries that going over there will only bring Brooke more pain, then decides her sister shouldn’t hand the man she loves over to Shauna.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric admires Quinn’s brilliant work in bringing together a wedding so fast. Quinn feels her best friend deserves a proper wedding and vows this will be one no one will ever forget.

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Carter confides to Zoe that he’s concerned Ridge’s heart isn’t in this wedding. Zoe wants to celebrate his promotion and has a few ideas for later.
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In the main office, Katie lets Ridge know she overheard Quinn talking to Shauna and they were confessing something. Shauna had a guilty conscience about manipulating him and Brooke out of a future together and was saying he needed to know the truth. She declares that Shauna got his phone and texted Carter to file for divorce that night. Ridge argues she wouldn’t do that. Katie has no doubt the whole thing was Quinn’s idea – they kept talking about their secret and Quinn said Shauna might see it as lies and manipulation but she sees it as getting things done. Ridge is stunned.
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt thanks Flo for being so beautiful. He recalls how she showed up in Bikini Bar and now they’re together again to watch Shauna marry the love of her life. Flo marvels that her mom will become a true Forrester today and tears up. Wyatt gets a text from Quinn hurrying them along.

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At the Forrester mansion, Eric tells Quinn that Thomas has arrived. Zoe and Carter enter. Carter knows Quinn doesn’t want to hear it, but Ridge still loves Brooke. Quinn says he’s right – she doesn’t want to hear it and runs down how Shauna is much more loyal. Carter and Zoe go to the terrace, and Flo enters – Wyatt’s grabbing the phone from the car. Quinn updates Flo that Shauna’s still at her friend’s house getting ready – she won’t let anything stop the wedding from happening. Wyatt comes in and Quinn gushes about her and Shauna finding Forrester men. In a moment alone, Quinn’s startled by Brooke’s arrival. She announces she’s not letting Ridge marry Shauna.

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