Eric questions RIdge B&B
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke’s beside herself that Ridge is planning another wedding ceremony with Shauna. She doesn’t have proof but can guarantee Shauna and Quinn conspired against them. Brooke reminds him he doesn’t love Shauna the way he loves her. If he does this in front of everyone she’s afraid they cannot find their way back.
Brooke warns Ridge B&B

In the design office, Zoe and Carter discuss Brooke having good instincts. They go over Ridge’s strange text from Vegas, which happened when he was still considering working things out with Brooke – instead he ended up marrying Shauna. Carter knows his friend still cares for Brooke despite being married to someone else.

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn warns Shauna not to mess things up with Ridge – she can never say a word about what they did. Quinn curbs the conversation as Eric enters unexpectedly and disconnects. She shares the news that Ridge and Shauna are getting married again. Eric’s taken aback that it’s planned for tomorrow and that Ridge approves, but tells her to go ahead and make the arrangements. After he leaves, Quinn celebrates. Later, Brooke arrives and snarks about Quinn plotting and the wedding she’s planning. Quinn advises her to get over herself. They debate whether Ridge is being pressured into doing it. Quinn would love her to be there to witness the vows. She reminds the blonde that her portrait hangs over the mantle – she and Shauna will be the Forrester women moving the family forward. Brooke can’t believe Eric supports this, but Quinn insists he does. She urges her to let go of the ridiculous idea she and Ridge are destined to be together. “It all ends for you, tomorrow.”

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Carter joins Ridge in the main office, and agrees to officiate the wedding ceremony tomorrow before questioning if this is what Ridge really wants. Ridge concedes it was mostly Quinn’s idea but he agrees with it. Carter calls him out – they both know he’s still in love with Brooke. Ridge has it under control and switches gears to tell Carter he’s no longer the lead attorney at Forrester – he’s now the COO! Carter’s pleased. Eric enters and congratulates Carter. Once alone with Ridge, Eric brings up the second wedding. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Ridge knows Eric’s a supporter of him and Brooke, but he’s happy. Eric’s not buying it – he knows he wants to spend his life with Brooke. He counsels that Ridge doesn’t have to honor the drunken marriage – if he goes through with the ceremony tomorrow he could lose his future with Brooke forever.

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Carter returns to the design office and teases Zoe that he’s out as Forrester’s attorney before sharing his promotion. She’s thrilled.

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