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At the Forrester mansion, Ridge and Quinn discuss Steffy being gone to rehab. Quinn reminds him Shauna is there for him as a devoted and supportive wife and launches into another pitch for a wedding ceremony there in the family home. Ridge confirms that Steffy asked him not to put his life on hold, so Quinn pushes to have it as soon as possible – she’ll plan it all. Ridge hasn’t decided and wants to talk to Shauna. Quinn gets her on speed dial. Shauna’s on a hike and apologizes to Ridge for Quinn’s interference. Quinn persists and needles that she can throw the bouquet Brooke’s way and prompt her to find a new man since Ridge is no longer available. Ridge shakes his head. Shauna doesn’t want Ridge to feel pressured. Ridge interjects that she’s been more than patient and declares, “Let’s do this. Let’s do another ceremony and hopefully I’ll remember this one.” He exits and Quinn celebrates – he’s really going to commit to Shauna in front of Brooke! Quinn imagines Brooke’s big tears when she hears and laughs her head off. She urges Shauna to seal the deal as soon as possible. Shauna’s still torn, knowing that Ridge didn’t feel the same way about her and that Brooke will always be in the picture. She considers coming clean but Quinn warns against it and proclaims she needs to do this ceremony – tomorrow!
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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Donna are pleased that Steffy’s getting help. Zoe enters and gets in on the conversation too – it breaks her heart and Ridge’s too she’s sure. Brooke reflects that Ridge loves and cares with everything in him. Zoe asks if she’s seen him – a few of them were shocked he came back from Vegas married. They go over Ridge drinking too much. Zoe’s sorry to hear about Brooke and Ridge and knows she must still have issues with her. Brooke recaps that she kept Beth from Hope for months. Zoe expresses how deeply sorry she is she got caught up in her father’s lies. Brooke believes her. Talk turns back to Brooke and Ridge. Donna feels they’re meant to be together despite the marriage to Shauna. Brooke relays Quinn has always hated her and would do anything to destroy her. The conversation turns to Zoe’s love life. She’s trying to move forward after Thomas and hopes to find true love like her and Ridge one day. Later, Brooke is alone when Ridge arrives. Brooke comments on his fierce love for his family as they discuss Steffy – it’s one of the reasons she’ll always love him. Ridge needs to talk to her about his marriage to Shauna. Brooke guesses his memory came back and it didn’t happen. Ridge clarifies that he’s made a commitment to Shauna, so they’re going to have another ceremony at his father’s house as soon as possible. Brooke gasps, “What?”

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