Ridge cry intervention B&B
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At the cliff house, Steffy argues with Finn, Liam, and Ridge about needing her pain pills – she’ll take them as long as she wants and doesn’t want to hear another word about it from any of them. Finn wants to know where she got the pills. Steffy lies, “The pharmacy.” Ridge scoffs and she orders them all out of her house. She starts in on Kelly being kidnapped, which is a crime. Ridge confronts her about pulling a knife on everybody. Steffy got hit by a car and protests she’ll be fine. Ridge hollers if she keeps going down this road she’ll never see her daughter again, and neither will he. Liam interjects – they want her to get better. Steffy cries. She can’t stop. Finn talks about dependency – addiction is beyond that. She’s seeking the drug to get relief. Steffy snaps at him to shut up. Liam questions how far down the rabbit hole she’ll go. Finn worries about her overdosing. Steffy scoffs. Liam insists she’s playing with fire. Ridge has lost one daughter and won’t lose another. Steffy defends her pill-popping. Finn frets that it has a ripple-effect and Ridge is scared. Liam complains she was lying to him. Steffy only needs a pill every now and then. She grabs her pill bottle and breaks down when they spill. Liam makes a speech about finding the resilient woman they know and love. They urge her to take the first step by admitting she has a problem. She just wants Kelly back. Ridge yells – does she want her there watching her pick pills out of her breakfast? Steffy will do it for Kelly and sobs that she’s addicted and needs help.
Steffy cry intervention B&B

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Thomas arrives at the cabin to pick up Douglas, who is at the house with Donna. Hope asks when he last saw Steffy before updating him that things got bad yesterday – she pulled out a knife. Thomas cries out of worry for his sister. Hope assures him that Liam and Steffy’s doctor went over there to help Ridge talk sense into her. Thomas learns that Finn didn’t give her the pills. He thought it sounded like she was in full-fledged addiction so he accompanied Liam. Thomas thinks he should be there for his sister. Hope stops him from going – she’ll feel attacked. She assures him Steffy will get the help she needs. He nods with tears in his eyes.
Thomas cries over Steffy B&B

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Scott Clifton delivers a PSA on drug addiction at the end of the episode.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke’s tormented by Ridge’s news.

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