Hope watches Steffy B&B
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At Brooke’s house, Liam tells Steffy she should be alone with Kelly right now. Hope and Brooke suggest she stay there, but Steffy insists she’s going home and accuses Hope of being on a mission – taking Phoebe and Douglas wasn’t enough, now she wants Kelly. She screams, “Give her to me! Now!” Steffy rants and mocks Liam for being concerned because she took a ‘freaking pill’. Brooke and Hope just want to keep Kelly safe…temporarily. Steffy hollers, “Get out of my way, I’m getting my daughter!” As Steffy heads upstairs, Hope relays Kelly isn’t up there. Steffy panics. Donna texts and Hope reports she and the kids are at the cabin. Steffy’s taking her home even if she has to call the police. Brooke urges Steffy to focus on her health. Hope points out she’s been taking pain medication and lying about it, and Liam insists she needs help. Steffy’s offended at the idea of them protecting Kelly from her. Liam argues she’s not herself; it’s not her fault, but the pills got a hold of her. Brooke says it’s nothing to be ashamed of and Steffy yells at her to save it. She goes on about the Logans taking from her family. Liam’s determined to stand up to her for Kelly’s sake. Steffy cries that they’ve stolen her girl and she wants her back…now!
Steffy taking Kelly B&B

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At the cliff house, Thomas updates Ridge that Steffy went to Hope’s place and she’s not okay…not okay at all. Ridge warns he’s scaring him. Thomas explains Steffy wasn’t herself – she was running around scrambling for her keys and saying Liam was making accusations. He reveals Steffy claimed Liam kidnapped Kelly. Ridge is bewildered and thinks it may be an understanding. Thomas says she felt Liam called her an unfit mother. He couldn’t understand her very well. Thomas flashes to how she was when she was leaving and predicts this is going to get a hell of a lot worse. Ridge decides to call Brooke, but gets voicemail. He leaves a message about the situation and asking for her help, then decides to go over there.
Ridge calls Brooke B&B

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In her living room, Brooke tells Steffy that it’s scary to realize you have a problem. Steffy scoffs, “Oh please.” Liam goes over finding her passed out. Hope intervenes and Steffy lashes out at her for taking Phoebe without even giving her time to process, and pushing Thomas out of Douglas’ life. She took Liam and tore her life apart, just as Brooke did! Steffy wishes her mother were there. Brooke does too – they need all the help they can get. Steffy heads for the door to get Kelly but Hope blocks her way – Steffy took good care of Beth and now she’ll return the favor – Kelly will be staying there. “Until you get better, our home will be Kelly’s home.”

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