Steffy demands her daughter from Liam on Bold and Beautiful
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Hope visits Brooke at home. They talk about Liam being at Steffy’s and how much Hope loves Kelly. Brooke is proud of Hope for how she’s handled her blended family. Hope loves Kelly as if she were her own. Brooke again praises her for stepping up when Steffy needed help. Hope thinks Kelly might have picked up on the stress of the whole situation. She wants the little girl to have stability and says she and Liam are on the same page.

Brooke praises Hope's blended family Bold and Beautiful

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Liam and Steffy continue to yell at each other at her house. She can’t believe he put Kelly in the car to take her away from her. Liam wonders what would happen if she were passed out and Kelly needed her. Through tears, Steffy yells that she would never put Kelly in danger. How dare he keep her away from her child. Steffy paces and cries that he took Phoebe from her and now he’s taking Kelly. Liam yells that she has a problem and the situation is out of her control now. Steffy calms down and calls him dramatic. Liam thinks her family needs to know about her problem. Furthermore, until she gets professional help she won’t be seeing Kelly. Steffy wails as Liam walks out. Steffy urgently searches for her keys as Thomas enters. She tells her brother to leave, but he urges her to talk to him. Steffy tells Thomas Liam took Kelly. He stole her baby and is bringing her to Hope. Steffy continues to tear her place apart looking for her keys while explaining what happened with Liam. Looking concerned, Thomas says her story seems a little over the top, but she insists she isn’t exaggerating. She didn’t do anything wrong. Steffy finds her keys and runs out to get her child as Thomas tries to stop her.

Liam and Steffy fight about Kelly on Bold and Beautiful

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Liam comes over to Brooke’s and tells the women what happened with Steffy. Brooke wonders where she got the pills if not from her doctor. He doesn’t know and relays how Steffy screamed at him when he tried to get answers. Hope is worried about Kelly, but Liam assures her he took Kelly, who is at the house with the other kids. He had to do it. He had to protect his daughter. Hope tries to get a hold of Steffy on the phone, but there’s no answer. They all marvel at how Steffy got addicted to the pills while assuring Liam he did the right thing. Steffy runs into the house yelling for her daughter. Liam says she needs to check herself into a program, but Steffy won’t let any of them keep her away from Kelly. She demands her daughter.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy levels a serious accusation at Hope and Liam.

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