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In the cliff house, Liam panics as he tries to awaken the passed out Steffy. He hollers intensely until she begins to come around. As she starts to fade again, he asks, “What’s going on?!” Steffy doesn’t know – she fell asleep? Liam’s never seen her this out of it. Steffy wants to go to Kelly but can’t get up. Liam’s freaked out and wonders if she needs to go to the hospital. After some water, Steffy’s irritated by Liam interrogating her. Why is he even there? Liam’s concerned about her and the doctor. Steffy’s stunned he’s telling her who she can and cannot see. Liam cares about her and goes on about it. Steffy mocks him and rants she doesn’t need him anymore; she doesn’t need anyone. “I’m fine.” Liam reels. Steffy lashes out some more then scoffs, “Go home to Hope.” Liam asks if she’s still taking the pills – she’s clearly hiding something! Steffy snaps there’s no pills in the house. She protests as he rips the place apart and finds them in the sofa. He shakes the bottle and grits, “You’re lying to me!”
Steffy passed out B&B

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At the cabin, Hope and Thomas come in from playing with Douglas. Thomas marvels at her love for their little boy. Hope thanks Thomas for doing the work to be a better father and is grateful to share Douglas with him. Thomas is glad she kept the door open to forgiveness. He wishes he had more time with the kid, but knows he deserves to spend most of his time there…with his mother. Thomas wants to encourage Douglas in sports and Hope teases he’s a ‘fun dad’. Liam’s name comes up and Hope muses he’s off ‘rescuing’ Steffy. Thomas senses she’s not happy. Hope asks who would be under the circumstances and thinks they should let Steffy move on. Thomas agrees – it’s not healthy for Steffy or Hope. She thinks the doctor might be…just what the doctor ordered. Thomas quips she should go on tour. Hope thinks it’s great that ‘Dr. Love’ sparked her attention – she doesn’t need Liam hovering. Thomas gets intense about Liam needing to stick to the commitment he made to Hope and leave Steffy alone. He goes over everything that Steffy’s been through – she’s dealing with emotional and physical pain. Thomas hopes Finn is the man of her dreams; she deserves joy. Hope’s encouraged to hear he told Liam that – she feels the same way. Thomas believes if Liam wants to help Steffy, the best thing he can do is stay away. Hope thinks Thomas has come a long way with Douglas and agrees with him wholeheartedly about Steffy, Finn, and Liam.

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Hope forgive Thomas B&B

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