Thomas lays into Liam B&B
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At Forrester, Thomas needles Liam about finally having competition for Steffy and asks how it feels to be the jealous one. Liam denies it has anything to do with jealousy, but Thomas isn’t buying it. He wonders why Liam thinks it’s his business what Steffy’s doctor thinks of her and reminds him he threw Steffy away. Ridge enters and Thomas reveals that Liam is jealous of Steffy’s doctor. Ridge learns Finn has feelings for Steffy and Thomas points out they’re adults. Liam doesn’t want her involved with the person responsible for her recovery and complains about the wildly inappropriate extra-curricular visits. Ridge notes if Steffy’s uncomfortable she’ll put the guy in his place. Thomas adds she’ll flirt with him if she returns his feelings…that’s what Liam has a problem with. Liam maintains a doctor can’t be objective if he falls for his patient. They continue bickering. Liam worries about Finn prescribing meds with an ulterior motive. Thomas thinks that would be a serious accusation. Liam pleads with Ridge to see how dangerous this is. Thomas feels Liam’s the only one who can’t be objective here – he’s scared to death of Steffy moving on. He lays into Liam for causing her emotional pain by flip-flopping between her and Hope for years. Liam protests he’s genuinely concerned, to which Thomas roars, “Then leave her alone!” He orders Liam to let her go once and for all and let her find some happiness.
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At Steffy’s place, Finn didn’t see the kiss coming. She’s pleased he didn’t back away and hopes it let him know how she feels about him. Finn offers to walk out if she has any doubts about him and find her another doctor. Steffy assures him she doesn’t feel awkward and thinks it was a brave move to come to her with this. They banter, then she tells him she’s glad he’s her doctor – he really listens and puts his integrity first. Finn’s heart races when he talks to her but if she has any reservations continuing with him, she should say so. He’d rather give up being her doctor than give up seeing where this goes. Steffy acknowledges it’s complicated, but she wants him to stay – as her doctor and whatever else this turns out to be. She’s not letting him go anywhere. Finn’s ready to think about something other than medicine and is looking forward to spending more time with her and opening up himself too. Steffy knew she’d be okay the first day he looked in her eyes…she’s looking forward to spending more time with him – with or without the stethoscope. They share another kiss.
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