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At her place, Steffy looks at the pill bottle, thinks back to Thomas giving her Vinnie’s gift then texts Vinnie. Finn appears and Steffy glances at the pill bottle on the table. When Finn turns away she hides the pills. He calls her out on the strange behavior and reminds Steffy she asked him to come there. He brings up her pain and the prescription drugs. Steffy won’t be asking for any more, she’s managing, due to Finn’s good care. Finn informs she can no longer be his patient. Steffy is stunned and can’t understand why. Finn assures her their doctor/patient relationship has been nothing but positive. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing… Finn admits he can’t stop thinking about her but he’s her doctor first. He wants to spend more time with her – but not as her doctor. Finn apologizes and turns to leave but she stops him. Steffy goes to Finn and kisses him – he kisses her back.

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steffy and finn kiss B&B
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Liam finds Thomas at Forrester. Thomas notices he’s stressed. Liam admits he’s worried about Steffy and brings up Finn and his house calls. Thomas insists Finn is a good doctor and wonders why it bothers him so much. Liam thinks Finn’s judgement is being clouded by his interest in Steffy. Thomas doesn’t understand why Liam’s so hung up on the time they spend together. Liam claims Finn knows private details about his life and is giving him advice. Thomas accuses Liam of being jealous. Liam relays after having asked Finn a medical question, the doctor referred to her as beautiful – he reminds Thomas how vulnerable Steffy is. Thomas orders Liam to drop it – Steffy is a grown woman. Carter and Zoe return from lunch to her office. Talk turns to her wedding to Thomas, and Zoe thinks maybe she deserved what happened due to her involvement in the Beth cover-up. Carter urges her to forgive herself. Zoe could get used to Carter’s company and is grateful for his support – he sees the good in people. Carter has faith in her.

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas confronts Liam, as he feels he wants his cake and to eat it too.

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