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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn pushes for Ridge to agree to a wedding ceremony with Shauna. Ridge suspects something else is going on. Quinn can’t understand his hesitation – Shauna’s only asking for this one little thing. Ridge realizes she wants this to be a family event, which includes Brooke. Quinn confirms it would help her see he’s no longer her husband and that Shauna’s his wife. Ridge wonders why he hasn’t heard this idea from Shauna, and agrees to talk to her about it, but he doesn’t want to hurt Brooke’s feelings. He’ll consider it. After, Quinn phones Shauna to update her and explains her guilt will go away if they have a second ceremony – it will be one nobody will forget, especially Brooke.
Ridge irritated Quinn B&B

At Forrester Creations, Katie, Donna, and Brooke speculate that Quinn called Bill to the Forrester mansion – his sudden drop in stopped the progress Brooke was making with Ridge. Talk turns to Katie and Bill. Donna thinks they’re as inevitable as Brooke and Ridge, but Katie’s unconvinced. Katie urges Brooke to be patient and persistent and Ridge will be back. Brooke blames herself for making Ridge susceptible to Quinn and Shauna.

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In Bill’s office, he thanks Justin for picking up his slack, as Wyatt observes he’s been busy being caught between two women – Katie and Brooke. Justin doesn’t think there was any question he wanted to be with Brooke. Bill believes they’d be happy together…but then there’s his Katie. He’s not ready to give up his family. Justin asks if he wants Katie because Brooke’s not available. Bill denies it. He knows he has to earn Katie’s trust and kissing Brooke was wrong. When Katie takes him back he won’t make that mistake again. Bill gives Justin the day off – he has a meeting.
Bill get Katie back B&B

Bill finds Katie in Forrester’s design office and says, “You take my breath away.” He tells her he misses them; their life, and will never stop being sorry. Katie’s sorry too – she’s sorry he kissed Brooke. She misses having him at home but isn’t ready yet. Bill will take it as a positive…she said, “Yet.” Katie can’t help smiling. Bill plans to prove he’s worthy of her trust. He mostly likes the guy he is with her. She mostly likes him too. Bill welcomes the challenge and will do whatever it takes.

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In Ridge’s office, he thinks about Brooke, who enters and notes he seemed far away. He muses, “I was closer than you think.” Brooke goes over her suspicions that Quinn called Bill to the house. Ridge warns Shauna wants another wedding ceremony. Brooke’s scandalized at the idea. They express their love, but Ridge complains she told Bill that too. Brooke wants Ridge back and tells him not to go through with that wedding.

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