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In Brooke’s living room, she contemplates Bill’s offer to get back on her stallion since Ridge has made the choice to be with Shauna. Bill makes his case for an incredible future together – he loves her. Brooke senses he’s getting fixated, which isn’t good. She urges him to take a step back and not give up on Katie and his son. She’s recapping that they had an amazing relationship together when Quinn enters. “Looks like someone’s ready to ride off on her stallion.” Insults are exchanged until Brooke sends Bill home. She then tells Quinn this isn’t over…not by a long shot. Quinn counters it’s ‘game, set, match’ for Team Shauna. Brooke accuses Quinn of using Shauna to get back at her. Quinn argues Shauna will satisfy Ridge in every way possible. Brooke groans, “Oh God, you disgust me!” Quinn likens Brooke to an old book that Ridge has read over and over. She goes over Brooke sleeping with all the Forrester men and her sister’s husband and is glad Ridge is free of her. Brooke’s still suspicious about the marriage and reminds Quinn the truth always comes out – then she’ll lose everything.

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In the Forrester living room, Shauna teases, “Do you still find me attractive?” which gets a huge grin from Ridge. She suggests they get out of their clothes. They could dip or skinny dip…clothing optional. Ridge thinks Quinn will be home any minute and wouldn’t want the gardener seeing him doing naked backflips. Shauna agrees to swimsuits and challenges him to a race in the pool. The winner gets to decide ow they spend their evening together. Later, after their swim, Ridge is surprised at her abilities. Shauna wonders if the swim helped clear his head. Ridge feels better. As his wife, Shauna will prioritize making him feel good.
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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Zoe wants to play ‘confession’ with Carter about their most embarrassing moment on a date and jokes that she was set up with Robert Pattison and fainted. He asks, “What happened?” Zoe laughs, “I woke up with three bite marks…” Carter grimaces – he walked into that one. Next, he updates her that the lunch caterers just parked. She’s surprised he’s gone all out, but swerves back to his embarrassing date. She figures he doesn’t have one and is always smooth with beautiful women. Carter lets her know she’s the definition of beautiful. Later, Zoe’s bowled over the fancy lunch has all her favorites. Carter wanted to make an impression. Zoe relays he’s impressive on his own. They share a toast and Carter can’t wait to see where this leads. After lunch, Carter assures Zoe he won’t manipulate her like Thomas, but she’s still guarded. They discuss her past transgressions. Carter admires her admitting her mistakes and moving forward. He wants to be part of her future. They kiss.
Carter wine dine B&B

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