Brooke confronts Shauna on Bold and Beautiful
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In Bill’s office, he tells Katie she makes him a better man. She retorts that she makes him a better father. He breaks her heart because his connection to Brooke isn’t severed. When Bill insists he loves her, Katie responds that she loves him too, but she can’t let him hurt her anymore. It breaks her heart to think about telling their son that they’re over. She doesn’t think she was able to face that truth before, but now she is. Bill calls after her as she walks out the door.

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Ridge can't forgive Brooke on Bold and Beautiful

In Ridge’s bedroom, he lays out all the reasons he hates Bill – his disrespect for their relationship and Katie, as well as what he did to Steffy. Brooke insists her feelings for him are in the past. Ridge doesn’t know what to do with Brooke loving the one man in the world he despises. Brooke thinks they should go home and talk about it, but Ridge just wants Brooke to leave. She can’t believe they are still fighting when all they want to do is love each other. She throws her hands up and exits. Alone, Ridge recalls the events leading up to this moment with Brooke and Shauna. He sits on the bed and looks at the annulment papers as Brooke saying she loves Bill echoes in his head.

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Katie ends marriage to Bill on Bold and Beautiful

Downstairs in the mansion, Shauna thinks Brooke should have been gone by now. Quinn urges her friend to forget about Brooke because she is no longer Mrs. Ridge Forrester—Shauna is. Brooke walks downstairs and finds Shauna. Brooke accuses her of lying in wait, just like the first time she set her sights on “My husband.” Brooke assures her rival she and Ridge are trying to work out their marriage, but Shauna stands her ground. Brooke wonders how Shauna feels about Ridge not remembering their wedding. Shauna insists their wedding was real and she is Mrs. Ridge Forrester. Brooke can resent her but Shauna won’t let her question her motives. She never would have married Ridge if she didn’t think he loved her. She can bring him the love and joy Brooke couldn’t. Brooke calls her a slut from the desert who was just looking for a rich man. Brooke declares Ridge loves her and always will. There’s not a damn thing Shauna can do about that.

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