katie learns bill told brooke he loves her B&B
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At Spencer Publications, Quinn’s certain Ridge and Shauna are consummating their marriage as they speak, but Bill figures he took her upstairs to tell her it was over. Bill gets to thinking and wonders if Ridge overheard something at Brooke’s. Quinn gets the lowdown on Brooke and Bill’s conversation and thinks if Ridge heard he’d have gone ballistic. Bill argues that Brooke said he left. Quinn counters she may have been mistaken. Katie appears outside the door as Quinn recaps that Ridge must have overheard him and Brooke professing their love in her living room. Katie enters and Quinn takes off. Bill tells Katie he’s happy to see her. She asks, “You told my sister that you love her?” Katie supposes the kiss in the cabin wasn’t enough. Bill confirms that Quinn wasn’t making it up. Katie exhales, “Wow.” Bill protests that he reached out to her. Katie wasn’t ready…she came there tonight to see if they could move forward. “I missed you.” Bill’s missed her too. Katie laughs. She concludes that their problem is that he doesn’t want her – he wants her sister. Katie’s tired of Brooke being the third wheel in their relationship. Bill’s sorry – there’s no excuse. Katie’s numb and she can’t let him break her heart again.

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In Ridge’s bedroom, Brooke wants to know what’s going on. She reminds Ridge she forgave him and they were going to move on…and now this? Shauna leaves them to talk. Brooke can’t understand what happened. She drove over there when he didn’t come home only to find Shauna in his bed. “Why Ridge?” Ridge informs Brooke he heard her – he heard everything! Ridge recaps that he forgave her kiss with Bill despite all the things he’s done to him, and after their talk went well, he decided to leave her a flower upstairs. Brooke couldn’t help that Bill came over. Ridge fumes that Bill professed his love to her, and he heard what she said to that ‘bastard’. Downstairs, Quinn finds Shauna sitting alone in the living room and learns Ridge is upstairs with Brooke. Quinn’s irritated, then excited to hear she found Shauna on Ridge’s bed. In the bedroom, Brooke insists she told Bill they were planning a life together. Ridge argues she put a knife in him – she told him Bill meant nothing to her. “How could you say that you love him?” Brooke denies it, then concedes she said something like that. She figures he feels the same toward Taylor. Ridge barks, “The mother of my children?” Brooke thinks this is ridiculous – they have to fight for their relationship. She tears up and appeals, “This isn’t the end for us. It can’t be.”

ridge asks to talk to brooke alone B&B

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