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At Spencer Publications, Bill drinks and thinks back to Brooke saying she wants to spend the rest of her life with Ridge. Quinn enters and he tells her to get back on her broomstick and fly back out of there – he’s in no mood for her. Quinn squawks, “What did I do?” as he calls security. Quinn deduces that Brooke rejected him. Bill hollers about her having an agenda. Quinn argues that he was happy when she and Justin told him about Ridge filing the divorce papers. She digs to find out what happened. Bill grumbles that Brooke’s committed to Ridge. Quinn knows something that could put an end to any Brooke and Ridge reunion – it’s a game-changer and so big that Bill should not give up on Brooke. Bill barks at her to spill and Quinn rambles out her story about Ridge showing up at the mansion, calling Shauna ‘my wife’, then leading her up to the bedroom. She guarantees they’re making sweet, sweet love right now. Bill can’t make sense of it. Quinn points out Brooke will need Bill’s support – her destiny with Ridge has finally come to a screeching halt.
Quinn encourages Bill B&B

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In her bedroom, Brooke waits for Ridge in lingerie. After a while, she checks her phone and looks thoughtful. Donna calls to check in and learns that Ridge isn’t back yet, and Brooke’s growing concerned. Donna tries to be reassuring, but Brooke decides she should go over there and tell Shauna her brief drunken marriage is over.
Brooke waits for Ridge B&B

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In Ridge’s bedroom in the Forrester mansion, Shauna notes he’s quiet – he must be speechless over how great they are together. Ridge grunts, “Let’s go with that.” Shauna tells him how much she loves him. She goes over how his pilots dragged him out on their wedding night before pointing out that now they’re alone as husband and wife. Ridge ignores a message from Brooke. Shauna knows he still loves her. Ridge replies that she loves someone else more. Shauna encourages him to open up to her. Ridge angrily shares that he overheard Brooke tell Bill she loves him. Talk turns to Vegas and Ridge not remembering filing divorce papers. Shauna wants to focus on now – she’ll be the best wife he deserves. Ridge excuses himself. Downstairs, Brooke enters. She hears Shauna upstairs saying, “Ridge, your wife is waiting.” Brooke goes up and finds Shauna on Ridge’s bed. She informs her that her little plan didn’t work – she and Ridge are back together. Ridge appears. Brooke asks what he’s doing there and what’s going on with the two of them!

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