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At Brooke’s place, Ridge reels after hearing Brooke tell Bill she will always love him. He retreats to the bedroom. Meanwhile, Brooke assures Bill the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with is Ridge. Upstairs, Ridge tears up the card and takes the flower he left for Logan and throws it in the trash. Later, Donna stops by to commiserate with Brooke about Ridge running off to Vegas to marry another woman. She’s encouraged when Brooke interjects that she’s not giving up on him. Brooke confides that he’s on his way home and they’ll finally start their lives together. Donna learns Ridge is taking care of the annulment with Shauna. They agree the marriage is suspicious before moving on to Bill. Brooke updates Donna on his earlier visit. She’s glad Ridge didn’t arrive then.
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In the Forrester living room, Quinn’s certain that Bill is over at Brooke’s place right now trying to get her back. She’s confident he’ll succeed. Shauna is still concerned about Ridge wanting Brooke. Quinn insists Ridge will walk away if Bill’s in the picture. She grins that sending Bill over to Brooke’s house was a stroke of genius. A part of Shauna feels sorry for Brooke. Quinn blames Brooke for trying to break up her marriage and feels she’ll discover what many know – Quinn’s the most dangerous person in the room. Outside the door, Ridge flashes through his bad history with Bill as Brooke’s words to Bill echo in his head. Inside, Shauna warns Quinn they have to be realistic – Brooke’s part of the family and not going away. Quinn shrugs that she’s ‘loosely tied’. Shauna worries if she found out what they did, she’d go straight to Eric, and laments the circumstances of her marriage to Ridge. Quinn shrugs that the outcome is still the same – she’s Mrs. Ridge Forrester! She decides to leave Shauna alone to reunite with Ridge. Shauna asks, “Reunion…or break-up?” Quinn urges her to think positively. Soon, Ridge enters. Quinn spies as Ridge pockets the papers in his hand and says, “My wife.” Shauna replies, “You’re home, Ridge. You’re home.” Ridge takes her upstairs, leaving Quinn silently mouthing, “Yes!”quinn talsk to shauna about beating brooke B&B

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At Spencer Publications, Bill drinks, and flashes through memories of Brooke.

At home, Brooke dons lingerie and thinks about Ridge in her bedroom as she waits for him to return.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Brooke goes looking for Ridge.

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