Ridge reels B&B
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At Brooke’s place, she assures Ridge that Bill’s not a concern, and they discuss whether or not Shauna will fight an annulment. Brooke’s still suspicious since Shauna remembers everything about the wedding while Ridge recalls nothing. They express their love before Ridge heads out.

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At Spencer Publications, Quinn prods Bill to go to Brooke and tell her how he feels. Bill mentions Katie, but Quinn feels she’s no Brooke and shares her theory that Katie knows he loves her sister. Bill points out Quinn’s buddy Shauna would benefit if he and Brooke got back together. Quinn concedes she would get what she wants, but he would too. She taunts about Bill Spencer being a man of action and walks out. Bill leaves, and Quinn lurks, pleased with herself.
Bill considers B&B

Eric finds Shauna in his living room. She explains Quinn went out. He apologizes for being harsh earlier and they go over how there’s nothing Quinn wouldn’t do for Shauna. Eric reiterates that Ridge didn’t know what he was doing by filing divorce papers. Later, Quinn returns and tells Shauna she put something in motion that could end Brooke and Ridge forever. Once Shauna’s filled in on Bill going after Brooke, she’s skeptical, but Quinn insists Bill’s addicted to Brooke Logan. She’s certain she pushed all the right buttons, but wonders if he got there in time.
Eric makes nice B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Zoe walks in on Carter shirtless and blushes and smiles. Carter asks how she’s doing after the fallout with Thomas. Zoe admits it’s been a challenge but returning to work has been good for her, though she worries people have been whispering about her. Carter, now dressed, reassures her. Zoe says Thomas apologized and wanted to try again. Carter looks skeptical and unimpressed. He thinks she deserves a man who appreciates her and lets her know she’s special. Carter proposes going out to dinner when she’s ready. Zoe thinks she should take him out to thank him for being concerned about her.
Carter shirtless B&B

Ridge reappears in Brooke’s empty living room and takes a flower and note up to her bedroom. Downstairs, Bill enters as Brooke wanders into the living room. He hopes she sees Ridge for the loser he is after him marrying Shauna. Bill feels she should be happy to be done with him and free to move on with a man who loves and appreciates her. Brooke tries to get Bill to go, but he’s undeterred. They bicker as she defends Ridge. Upstairs, Ridge listens as Brooke laments the kiss setting everything in motion. Bill declares he’s there for her, just as he was when that passionate kiss, which reawakened something in him. “I love you, Brooke.” Ridge lurks as Brooke replies, “A part of me will always love you. I will love you for the rest of my life.” Ridge slips out, reeling, before Brooke tells Bill she wants to spend her life with Ridge.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge faces a new reality, while Bill drinks.

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