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At Brooke’s place, Ridge puts her on notice that he won’t accept anything less than being with her – she’s the only woman he loves. Brooke can’t get over what he did – he divorced her without even a heads-up. Ridge isn’t proud of what he did and vows to fight for them. They recall overcoming some big obstacles – his mother tried to come between them for decades. Ridge will go file the annulment papers, then go sit on some rock until she wants him back. Brooke considers the matter as he keeps appealing to her to ‘get back to us’, but she’s irked when he compares his marriage to Shauna to her marrying Bill. Talk swerves to the kiss, and Ridge admits Bill was there for her when she felt he wasn’t listening, but he wants to get past this. Brooke decides she’ll forgive him, and they can have their life back. They kiss.
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Flo arrives at the Forrester mansion and is stunned when Shauna blurts that she and Ridge got married in Las Vegas – she’s the new Mrs. Forrester. She gets the rest of the story about Brooke having the pilots bring Ridge back to L.A. and him not remembering anything. Shauna admits he was shocked to find out, but Brooke doesn’t deserve him, and she will give him the love, trust, and stability he never got from Brooke. “In the end, he will be all mine.” Flo’s encouraged to har that her mom felt ‘seen’ by Ridge. She thinks him filing the divorce papers says a lot about how he feels. Shauna flashes to texting Carter and to the drunken wedding – it wasn’t how she pictured it, but nothing can change they’re husband and wife. Flo feels she deserves all of the happiness she’ll get in her new life.
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In the cliff house, Dr. Finnegan listens as Steffy explains the over-the-counter meds aren’t working – she really needs his help. He’s already walking a fine line by coming into her home, which could be considered unprofessional. Steffy’s appreciative, but needs more than what he’s been giving her. “Please Dr. Finnegan, can I have another prescription?” He warns that the meds are strong. Steffy knows, but she’s a single mom and wants to be able to pick-up her daughter – she just needs a little more time to heal. “One more refill, please.” Finn warns it’s a very slippery slope but caves and says he’ll call in a prescription. Steffy’s thankful after he phones it in. Finn teases her about getting him to agree. She won’t make him sorry and smiles, “I mean it, Finn.”

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