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At the Forrester mansion, Shauna worries that her husband is avoiding her. Quinn reassures her that he’s just so used to living in dysfunction junction he doesn’t know what a good relationship feels like. Shauna goes over it all being based on lies. Quinn feels she’s being dramatic – she helped lift Ridge out of a lifetime of unhappiness. Shauna’s not so sure. Quinn’s exasperated at her beating herself up over this and reminds her friend that Brooke created this mess herself. Shauna doesn’t feel sorry for Brooke, she just wishes things had been different. Shauna flashes to texting Carter and Ridge being barely coherent at the ceremony. “I am the only reason why Ridge got divorced.” Quinn insists Shauna gave him a gift, but her bestie says it goes against everything she believes in. Finally, Quinn talks Shauna around to the idea that she can be really good for Ridge and it will work out.
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In Brooke’s living room, she harps about Ridge filing the divorce papers after running off with another woman to Las Vegas. Ridge will make things right by starting with the annulment papers and relays he’s sorrier than he can say – he needs Brooke to believe him. Ridge will be hers until the day he dies and asks her to help him turn this thing around. Brooke sees his regret but can’t get past him filing the divorce papers. Ridge has no answers. Brooke exclaims, “How could you do this? How could you marry Shauna? How could you make her your wife?!” Ridge hangs his head. Brooke concedes the stupid kiss with Bill set it all in motion…but Ridge still did what he did. She’ll always love him but marrying another woman is wrong and she’s not sure she can get past what happened. Brooke can’t share her life with a man she doesn’t trust. Ridge won’t let her go and vows they’ll grow old together. “Please forgive me.”

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At the cliff house, Thomas urges Steffy to get some painkillers since she’s suffering. Steffy argues she can push through, but Thomas insists she call Dr. Finnegan. She already did and he said no more pills. Thomas pushes – she needs to tell him the pain is intolerable. Steffy calls Finnegan and explains she may need the pain pills as the discomfort is intense. Finn assures her he’ll stop by. Thomas is pleased. Steffy tearfully admits that she’s not sleeping – it hurts no matter which side she lies on and hurts to get dressed too. Thomas lets the doctor in. He’s sorry she’s still in so much pain. Thomas advocates for his sister before leaving and warns Finnegan, “Take care of my sister.” Finn sees that Steffy’s in agony as she sits. Steffy confesses she feels pain all day and asks if he can give her more pain medication – she needs some relief.
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