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At the cliff house, Thomas and Steffy talk about how insane it is that Ridge married Shauna in Vegas. Thomas wonders if Shauna’s pulling a fast one but Steffy explains it all seems legit. Thomas reflects on coming between his father and Brooke. Steffy doesn’t believe Ridge will move on from her. Steffy experiences a jolt of pain and Thomas learns the over-the-counter meds aren’t working. He thinks she’s also hurting over losing Liam. Steffy can’t understand why he’s bringing up Liam and asks him to stop – wishful thinking is pointless. Thomas points out she hasn’t moved on…because she can’t. Steffy angrily asks him to let it go, then grimaces. Thomas wants her to call the doctor now for pain pills.
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At the Forrester estate, Eric and Ridge go over Ridge being in love with Brooke but married to someone else. Eric knows he’ll love Brooke for the rest of his life. Ridge worries about hurting Shauna but won’t give up on getting Brooke back. Eric wonders what he has in mind. Ridge will start by being honest – he can’t lose her again. Eric reveals he spoke to Brooke on his behalf and reassured her of his love. Ridge can’t understand why he does these things…he’s lost her trust and must try to win it back.
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In the office at Forrester Creations, Quinn admits to Brooke that she’s not upset about Ridge being married to her best friend and informs the blonde that she is no longer Ridge’s destiny or his wife…Shauna is. She taunts that soon Ridge will be saying, “Brooke who?” Brooke counters they have years of history. Quinn says most of them were painful. Brooke denies it. Talk turns to the divorce papers. Brooke is convinced that Shauna manipulated Ridge. Shauna enters and Brooke snarks about Ridge not remembering getting married to her. Quinn argues that Shauna won Ridge fair and square and now he gets a woman who won’t embarrass and humiliate him. Brooke still hasn’t figured out how Shauna accomplished this but warns the truth will come out. She adds that Ridge loves her and that they can never take away. Once Brooke’s gone, Shauna debates with Quinn about the way her marriage happened again. They flashback to filing the divorce papers and Ridge’s inebriation. Quinn vows if they keep the secret, Brooke will become a footnote in Ridge’s life. Shauna still feels so guilty for manipulating Ridge.
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At home, Brooke flashes to Ridge giving her Stephanie’s ring and telling her his mother always wanted them together. Ridge enters. Brooke goes over him filing the divorce papers and asks him to go. He refuses and states he made a terrible mistake. Brooke can’t believe how quickly he filed the divorce papers – like he couldn’t wait to get rid of her. Ridge doesn’t remember and asks her to forgive him. Carter’s drawn up annulment papers – he only wants to be married to her. “Don’t give up on us.”

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