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Ridge drops into the cliff house and tells Steffy that Shauna’s back in town and came with some incredible news. After some blustering about his marriage to Brooke being over, he reveals he apparently married Shauna in Vegas; there’s a marriage certificate and photos. Steffy asks how that’s possible – he’s married to Brooke. Ridge explains that he texted Carter to file his divorce papers though he doesn’t remember it. Steffy agrees it’s a mess, but feels he can fix it. They touch on Steffy being out of prescription meds as she insists she’s okay. Ridge goes over Shauna being a good person and wanting to know what’s going on. Steffy says she wants to be with him, and probably thought he wanted to be with her too.
Ridge announcement to Steffy B&B

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In the Forrester living room, Quinn assures Shauna it will only be a matter of time before she’s sharing Ridge’s bed…after all, he is her husband. Shauna’s feeling positive and looks forward to living her dream come true. Quinn reiterates that Ridge is better off, and they go over Quinn prodding Shauna to file Ridge’s divorce papers. Quinn reiterates that it’s vital to both their marriages that what they did remain a secret. Shauna flashes to texting Carter – she didn’t know it would be that easy. Quinn thinks Shauna helped end a toxic relationship. Now Ridge is married to a woman who will never betray him. Shauna recalls the drunken wedding with a smile.
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Eric comes upon Brooke in the office at Forrester Creations and relays how sorry he is about Ridge and Shauna. Brooke marvels over Ridge marrying Shauna – she can’t accept it and doesn’t see how he could do this to her. Eric insists Ridge regrets it and was shocked. Brooke can’t understand what happened and states, “It’s over Eric, we’re divorced. He filed those papers.” Eric reminds her Ridge doesn’t remember and feels they’ll get through this. Eric goes over how complicated this is given that Shauna’s his wife’s best friend. Brooke figures Quinn’s been rubbing her hands together and cackling and exclaims that tried to warn Ridge about Shauna – none of this should be happening! Eric repeats that Brooke is the one Ridge wants to spend his life with. Later, Quinn drops in on Brooke, who supposes she wants to gloat. Eric asked Quinn to be nice and won’t say she’s sorry because it wouldn’t make any difference. Brooke questions Shauna convincing Ridge to file the paperwork and marry her in a sleazy chapel. Quinn explains Shauna will be devoted to Ridge in a way Brooke never could – she should support them. Brooke declares the marriage a sham. She knows Quinn and Shauna aren’t to be trusted. Quinn rolls her eyes – Ridge decided to leave Brooke and marry Shauna. “Your grand love affair is finally over. Ridge is moving on with Shauna and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

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