Shauna sees Ridge B&B
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At the cliff house, Steffy is overcome with pain while bending over to get one of Kelly’s toys. She heads for the pill bottle but there’s only one left so she leaves it. Thomas arrives and teases he’s been with Vinny, who really does have a crush on her. Steffy grimaces and Thomas is concerned about her pain. Steffy assures him the ER doctor has been checking on her and has advised her to step down to over-the-counter meds. Thomas worries she needs a refill, but Steffy trusts Finnegan. Thomas asks her to call if she needs anything, then leaves. Steffy takes her last pill.
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In her bedroom, Brooke sits with tears in her eyes and replays her last conversation with Ridge in her head. Donna enters and says she’s so sorry – Eric told her. They go over Shauna managing to marry someone who was already married. Brooke laments she planned a reunion with Ridge only to find out he’s Shauna’s husband. Donna thinks Vegas weddings are the reason they invented annulments – why would Shauna want to be married to Ridge when he wants to be with Brooke? Brooke concedes it would be just a matter of paperwork, but Ridge threw aside their marriage. She narrows her eyes. “Shauna won.” Later, Brooke looks out the window and thinks about Ridge.
Brooke sees Donna B&B

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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn’s irked that Shauna feels guilty. Shauna wants to enjoy her marriage but is focused on what they did. Quinn reiterates no one will ever know as long as they keep the secret. Suddenly, Ridge enters and relays he just had to tell Brooke they wouldn’t be reuniting. Quinn lips quirk up. Shauna’s understanding and tells Ridge she’s there for him. Quinn announces she’ll give them privacy for their first night together. Ridge says it’s not necessary, he’s going to get some sleep. Once he’s gone, Quinn urges Shauna to go after him. “Go comfort your husband!” Upstairs, Shauna finds Ridge sitting on the bed. “You didn’t say you wanted to be alone.” Ridge is apologetic about forgetting their whole night in Vegas. Shauna knows, and goes on about how lucky she was to exchange vows with him. She feels they have a lifetime together and can start now. Ridge asks, “What are you suggesting?” Shauna wants to show him how much she loves him, when he’s ready. Ridge isn’t ready and realizes she’s disappointed. Shauna respects his honesty and can wait. She walks over, kisses him, and says, “Goodnight my husband.” Once alone, Ridge looks out the window and thinks about Brooke. Downstairs, Shauna looks at her marriage certificate.
Shauna kiss Ridge B&B

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