Shauna feels guilty B&B
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn wants to continue celebrating but Shauna frets about them telling Carter to file the divorce papers. Quinn thinks Ridge should be thanking her for saving him from a life of misery with Brooke and feels he knew what he was doing going to the chapel with her. Shauna recalls Quinn phoning her in Vegas while Ridge was getting ready to go out and coaching her to get Ridge’s phone, look up Carter, and text him to file Ridge and Brooke’s divorce papers. Shauna remembers Quinn talking her into it, insisting Ridge wanted to ‘cut the cord’. In the present, Shauna listens as Quinn urges her to embrace the fact that Ridge is her husband. Quinn thinks it was ideal Shauna knew the guy running the chapel. Shauna flashes to the reluctant officiant (played by David Lawrence XVII) declaring them husband and wife despite Ridge’s drunken state. She believes she can make him happier than Brooke but wishes it happened differently. Shauna was so happy after. Quinn presses to find out if they ‘had the honeymoon’. Shauna explains the Forrester pilots barged in to take Ridge home, so they didn’t make love. Quinn recaps this will always be their secret.

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In Forrester’s design office, Hope and Zoe agree they work well together – they made a great team taking down Thomas. Hope relays that co-parenting with Thomas has been going well, though it’s up to Zoe if she talks to him ever again. Zoe makes marketing suggestions and Hope’s impressed. She wants to create a Hope for the Future scholarship and sends Zoe to coordinate the effort so they can get started…together.
Zoe team up with Hope B&B

In the main office, Eric tells Donna she’s not going to believe what Ridge has done. Donna’s stunned to learn Ridge married Shauna. She argues that Ridge is still married to Brooke so it’s illegal. Eric wishes that was the case. Donna questions Ridge not remembering the supposed ceremony and complains that Ridge and Brooke never wanted to get divorced despite signing the papers months ago. Eric relays that Ridge had Carter file the paperwork before the Vegas wedding – he’s no longer Brooke’s husband.
Donna learns about marriage B&B

In Brooke’s bedroom, she wants Ridge to tell her that he didn’t marry Shauna. Ridge replies, “I’m sorry, I did.” Brooke’s appalled that he can’t remember and declares Shauna can’t be trusted – he can’t take her word for this. Ridge relays there’s a marriage certificate. Brooke reminds him he can’t legally marry someone else. Ridge shares the papers were filed, though he doesn’t remember. “Now it’s official. Our divorce is final, and I’m married to Shauna.” Brooke, with tears, declares he betrayed their love. She cries that she doesn’t care if he was drunk and orders him out. Ridge says he’ll always love her as he goes. Brooke sobs.
Brooke sob B&B

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