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In the Forrester living room, Shauna tells Quinn over champagne that she wishes her marriage came about differently and wasn’t such a shock to Ridge. Quinn gleefully calls her Mrs. Forrester and dreams of the spa weekends and shopping to come. Shauna marvels that her wildest dreams have come true…though she doesn’t know where her husband is. Quinn’s encouraging. She knows Shauna’s conscience is bothering her and advises her to see this as a gift. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Shauna doesn’t like secret and lies – she isn’t good at them. Quinn waves dismissively…she just hasn’t had enough practice. Shauna worries about Brooke. Quinn recaps that Ridge is better off with Shauna. Talk turns to what they did. Quinn doesn’t feel guilty about severing the last tie between Ridge and Brooke. Shauna wishes deception wasn’t necessary. Quinn shrugs that all she did was follow her directions. Shauna can’t imagine what would happen if Eric and Ridge knew they divorced Brooke for him.

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In Brooke’s bedroom, she poses in her lingerie and wonders why Ridge seems off. She coaxes him to just tell her…they’ll face it together as husband and wife. She goes on about their love and commitment. Ridge will always love her. Brooke decides they should renew their vows. Ridge winces and blurts that something happened with Shauna in Vegas. Brooke’s exasperated and snarks about Shauna always being there to pick up the pieces. She preaches rebuilding and refocusing. Ridge informs her it’s not that simple – something happened that broke up their marriage. Brooke doesn’t understand the problem. Ridge recalls his drunk night and explains Shauna showed up at the mansion today. Brooke guesses Ridge slept with Shauna. Ridge says it’s worse than that… “We got married.” Brooke gasps in horror. Ridge repeats, “I married Shauna. She’s my wife.” Brooke exclaims, “Oh my God!”
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In the design office at Forrester Creations, Hope agrees with Zoe’s remarks on her line. She senses Zoe has something else to say. Zoe worried their professional relationship would be ruined because of her dad and what he did, but hopes they can get back to some semblance of normal. She apologizes for the past. Hope may never fully get over the role she played in it, but her family is great and moving on. She appreciates Zoe apologizing again; it’s time to let it go.
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In the main office, Donna crosses paths with Eric, who thinks it’s a shame she has nothing and no one to rush home to. They sit, and Eric vents to Donna about Quinn’s shady move in outing Brooke at the party with the video. Donna feels Quinn hoped to free up Ridge to be with Shauna and scoffs that won’t happen in a million years. She admits she doesn’t trust Quinn. Eric can’t defend her actions and was disappointed. Donna proclaims Quinn and Shauna can do their worst, but nothing will break Brooke and Ridge’s marriage apart.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Shauna fills in the details for Quinn, as Brooke fumes at Ridge.

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