Ridge receives divorce papers from Carter on Bold and Beautifl
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Ridge reels at the Forrester mansion as he processes Shauna’s recounting of events in Vegas. She assures him he filed his divorce papers right before they went to the chapel. Ridge wonders how that could have happened. Shauna and Quinn exchange looks as Carter enters. He has Ridge’s executed divorce papers. Ridge doesn’t remember having a conversation with him about it. Carter explains Ridge texted him to do it. He tried calling him but it went to voicemail. Carter then got another text confirming his wishes. Carter’s confused over Ridge’s confusion and says he can help him if he were coerced in any way. Eric doesn’t think that’s necessary but they’ll be in touch should they need anything else. Carter leaves. Shauna assures Ridge their marriage was something they both wanted and she will be the best, most loving wife he could ever ask for. After Ridge and Eric have left, Quinn questions why Shauna is so worried. She thinks they should celebrate. Their plan worked, even better than Quinn thought it would. Shauna remains skeptical. She’s happy to be married to the man of her dreams but points out Ridge was totally blindsided. Quinn thinks he’ll get over it and says what they did was brilliant – Shauna and Ridge are married and Brooke is out of his life for good. However, no one can ever know what they did.

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Brooke prepares for romance with Ridge on Bold and Beautiful

At Forrester, Brooke tells Donna she and Ridge will hit the restart button on their marriage tonight. Donna asks what she has planned. Brooke says it will be an evening they will never forget.

Brooke enters her bedroom and starts undressing. Once in a negligee, Brooke lights candles and thinks about Ridge. She lies on the bed in wait for him as he enters the room. He loves what he sees but looks crestfallen when she says, “I’m all yours tonight,” and calls him her husband. She talks about the bright future they have together as husband and wife. Ridge knew the first time he saw her that she would define his life. He grows silent and Brooke notices something is wrong. She says he can tell her anything – she’s his wife.

Wyatt and Flo enjoy romance on Bold and Beautiful

Flo and Wyatt enjoy a night together at the beach house. Wyatt sings Flo’s praises while he tells her how happy she makes him. She’s the most beautiful woman in the world. They enjoy wine and then move to the couch where they kiss and undress. Afterward, Wyatt and Flo reminisce about their high school days, and then Flo brings up having kids with him. Not tomorrow, but someday.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge prepares to confess to Brooke, while Zoe and Hope find common ground.

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