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At Forrester Creations, Donna and Brooke discuss her upcoming trip to New York. Brooke wants to see her grandson in person, though part of her feels bad leaving Ridge since they just got back together. They go over Bridget being drawn into Quinn’s sabotage of Brooke and Ridge. Donna wishes Eric would see Quinn the way they do. Brooke hopes Quinn and Shauna now realize there’s nothing they could do to come between her and Ridge. Brooke takes a call from Bridget, then updates Donna that the trip’s canceled – the hospital needs Bridget double-time. She decides to surprise Ridge and has an entertaining way to let her husband know she’s not leaving town.

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In the Forrester living room, Shauna tells Ridge she’s so happy and hopes he feels the same. Eric doesn’t understand how it’s possible they’re husband and wife. Ridge asks if she could possibly be mistaken. Shauna remembers it all and has proof. Eric’s still mystified. A pleased-looking Quinn recaps that they ended up at an all-night wedding chapel and the rest is history. Shauna produces photos. Ridge studies them, then tells her they’re not married…it’s impossible. Quinn coos about them being in love and Eric shoots her an irritated look. Ridge protests – they can’t be married because he’s married to Brooke! Shauna insists something else happened in Vegas. Eric questions the condition they were both in. Ridge reiterates he’s married to Brooke. Shauna argues, “No you’re not. There are divorce papers.” Ridge didn’t file them. Shauna reveals he filed them in Vegas before they went to the chapel. “I’m your wife, you’re my husband. We are Mr. and Mrs. Ridge Forrester.”
Shauna hopes Ridge happy B&B

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Steffy finds Thomas in her kitchen and he worries he’s being a nuisance. He loves her and she gave them all a scare. Thomas produces her favorite ice cream and Steffy smiles her thanks before grimacing in pain. Thomas talks about making things right with Douglas, who sends his love. Thomas asks Steffy how she’s really feeling. She’s okay, but not great. Thomas notes she’s not one to complain. Steffy didn’t expect to still be in this much pain. He wonders how she’s managing with Kelly. She has to be careful. Steffy winces and relays she’s almost out of pills. Thomas urges her to get a refill before heading out to see Vinnie. Steffy stresses about wanting to be a fully functioning mom again. Once alone, Steffy phones Dr. Finnegan to get more pain meds, but he refuses and wants to move her down to ibuprofen. He lets her know he had a good time seeing her and says he’s never too busy for her. “I’ll be in touch,” he adds. She smiles.
Thomas worries he's a nuisance B&B

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