Ridge squints at Brooke B&B
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At home, Steffy disconnects from a phone call with Amelia, grimaces in pain, and glances at her prescription bottle. Ridge calls and is irked she’s alone. Steffy assures him she’s okay and signs off. Next, Steffy receives a phone call from Dr. Finnegan, who asks her to take her meds as trying to tough it out can prolong the healing process. After, Thomas enters with flowers from Vinnie, who has developed a major crush on her. Steffy tells her brother she still doesn’t remember the accident. Thomas thinks Bill is an idiot, but she defends him. Steffy decides to take her meds and realizes she doesn’t have many left – she was hoping she wouldn’t need a refill. Thomas leaves to see about a shipment. Later, Steffy receives a visit from Dr. Finnegan, who lives nearby and is dropping off the discharge paperwork she forgot. She’s glad he stopped by and smiles that she’s doing better and better every day.

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At Forrester Creations, Ridge hangs up from Steffy and flashes to being with Shauna in Vegas. Brooke enters. She’s there to tell Ridge she’s leaving to visit Bridget and Logan for a few days. Brooke thinks it will give him time to figure out what’s next – she wants a future with him. She recaps that it was wrong to kiss Bill, then complains about Shauna luring Ridge to Vegas. Brooke insists there’s nothing they can’t overcome. Ridge relays that his faith in her was shattered, that’s why he opened up to Shauna. Brooke won’t discuss Shauna – they’re still married and still love each other. Ridge wants to spend the rest of his life with her – he’ll be there waiting when she gets back. Brooke cries happy tears and they kiss.
Brooke leaving B&B

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At the beach house, Shauna surprises Wyatt and Flo – she wanted to check on her girl after the craziness with Sally. They assure her she’s welcome anytime, but they may take a minute to get to the door… They go over Sally’s deception and Wyatt rehashes how selfless and compassionate Flo was in urging him to let the redhead move in. Shauna’s pleased her daughter and Wyatt are back together. Wyatt has to go to work, but will take the Fulton ladies for dinner later. Once alone with her mom, Flo grills her about Ridge. Shauna will only say she gave him the VIP treatment and they had fun, but admits, “I can’t stay away.” Flo asks, “From L.A. or Ridge?” Talk turns back to Vegas and Flo questions Ridge staying at her house – did they sleep together? Shauna replies, “Las Vegas is my past, Los Angeles is my future.”
Shauna returns to LA B&B

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