At Forrester Creations, Brooke updates Donna on Steffy. Donna’s glad Brooke could be there for Ridge. “Did it bring you closer?” she asks. Brooke sighs that it didn’t because Bill was there. She knows Ridge is still hurt but she won’t give up – Ridge is her destiny and they’ll overcome this.

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As Steffy’s place, she grimaces in pain and Ridge mentions her meds. Thomas enters with a bouquet of flowers. He was upset when he heard she was in an accident. Ridge lets them talk alone. Thomas couldn’t breathe when he heard Steffy was hurt – he loves her. Ridge rejoins them as Steffy thanks Thomas for checking on her. Ridge reminds her of pain medication when she grimaces. Steffy asks about Thomas. He’s had time to reflect on his past behavior, has spoken to Taylor regularly, and Ridge has been supportive. Ridge leaves. Thomas tells Steffy he knows she’s in more pain than she wants anyone to know. He talks about how he’s been moving around though never too far from Douglas. Steffy winces. Thomas suggests she take a pain pill – it’s not a sign of weakness. Later, alone, Kelly calls out to Steffy, who contemplates her meds, but still doesn’t take a pill.

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At the beach house, Wyatt and Flo speculate on how betrayed Katie must be feeling about Sally’s lie. Flo says Sally played Katie, who is not one to be played. Wyatt never thought she would go to the extremes she did. They kiss and Wyatt promises he’ll never let Flo go again. After lovemaking, Wyatt and Flo reconfirm that nothing can come between them.

In Sally’s apartment, she guesses Katie knows the truth. Katie snaps, “That you’re not dying? Yeah, I know.” Sally confirms she pretended to be dying. Katie questions why she’d do such a thing. Sally won’t try to defend herself. Katie thought she was better than trying to coerce Wyatt into staying with her…and she thought they were friends. Sally recaps how Katie’s concern in the hospital twigged the idea. Katie truly cared, but now feels she was just the idiot Sally used to set her lie in motion. She goes over how she advocated for Sally and scoffs that it was a masterful plan. Sally’s deeply ashamed. Katie thinks Sally has lost her way and hopes she can get back on track, but warns she’ll have to let go of the Wyatt obsession – he’s in love with Flo.

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Ridge joins Brooke and Donna in the Forrester office. Donna exits, and Ridge updates Brooke that he’s concerned about his daughter. He adds that Thomas came by. Brooke talks about all of the obstacles that came between them and how Ridge took off to Vegas. Ridge gets flashes of kissing Shauna. Brooke feels they should vow not to let anyone or anything come between them again.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge remembers more from Vegas.

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