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In Malibu, Liam and Hope prepare to welcome Steffy home. Hope’s glad she’s okay. Liam thinks her release is a good sign. Hope and Liam go over how they’ll help out, including taking Kelly if need be so Steffy can rest. Liam imagines Kelly will be Steffy’s focus. Hope checks on the girls; she loves seeing them together. They’re glad Steffy was wearing her helmet. Liam knows it will take time for her to recover.
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At the hospital, Steffy asks Dr. Finnegan if she’ll be able to pick up her daughter at home. He advises against it and asks about her pain level. She’s sore but feels it’s nothing she can’t live with. Finnegan urges her to take pain meds and stay ahead of the discomfort. Steffy understands. Ridge enters as the doctor warns her to take the meds exactly as prescribed. They go over how painful broken ribs are and Finnegan reminds Steffy she has his number if she needs it.
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At the beach house, Wyatt flashes to making love to Flo as she emerges from the bedroom. They muse about how little sleep they got last night before the conversation turns to Sally. Wyatt wants to move beyond that and go back to the bedroom. They kiss as Katie knocks and enters. She got a strange apologetic text from Sally and is confused. Wyatt sighs – they have a real story for her. Once Katie’s updated, she’s relieved that Sally will be okay, but is upset about being used. Wyatt says it gets worse. Flo snarks about Sally not caring who she hurt. Wyatt wants Sally to get her life together – there’s only one woman for him – Flo. Katie next learns Sally and her doctor abducted Flo and is horrified. She marvels at Flo’s mercy in not having them locked up. Wyatt couldn’t do that. Katie is bowled over at their selflessness after the sacrifices they made. Katie hopes Wyatt knows how lucky he is to have the caring and generous Flo. Wyatt won’t let her go ever again. Later, Wyatt and Flo feel bad for Katie who felt betrayed. Wyatt recaps that Flo is beautiful and amazing and that Sally’s lie only brought them closer together.

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In Malibu, Liam tells Hope that Ridge and Steffy are in the driveway. They discuss Ridge keeping Taylor and Thomas updated. Ridge and Steffy enter. Steffy admires the decorations and thanks them for watching Kelly. They all urge her to relax but she wants to see Kelly. Afterward, Steffy feels better. Talk turns to Steffy being a survivor. Liam assures her nothing will separate her from Kelly again. Steffy grimaces and Ridge insists she take medication. Liam backs him up, so she takes it.

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Sally reacts nervously when someone knocks at her door. Katie enters and asks, “How could you?”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Sally receives a lecture.

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