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In her hospital room, Sally goes on to Wyatt about not deserving his forgiveness, yet she hopes one day he’ll look at her differently than he is right now. Sally recaps that she was angry when Flo came back to town and Wyatt was irresistibly drawn to her – she couldn’t accept their chemistry. She regrets reverting to the old Sally Spectra, but her biggest regret is how much she hurt him. Sally worries she could lose him for good.

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Outside Sally’s hospital room, Flo and Penny go over Sally’s plot going off the rails. Penny thinks she learned her lesson. Flo questions if Wyatt should ever forgive her after all she’s put him through. Penny regrets going along with the plan. Flo can relate. Penny hopes Sally gets through to Wyatt and that Flo will forgive them too.
Flo contemplates Penny B&B

Flo joins Sally and Wyatt. Sally knows she knows what it’s like to get caught up in a lie, and appeals to the blonde for help convincing Wyatt to forgive her. Flo says she paid for her lies and Wyatt gets to decide what he wants to do. Wyatt sends Flo out and Sally ruminates that it’s karma she’s in the hospital. She just wanted back what they had. Wyatt talks about being played – he’s grateful she’s not dying, but her love got out of control. He regrets how he treated her but her manipulation was horrible and selfish. Taking Flo against her will was criminal but he won’t press charges. He suggests she go away for a while or at least stay away from him and Flo. She needs to find the incredible woman inside again. “Goodbye, Sally.” Sally stops him and cries, “I’m really going to miss you.” She breaks down as he walks out.

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In another hospital waiting area, Brooke prompts Ridge to call Taylor about Steffy even though it’s early in Paris. He walks away to contact her and Thomas. Liam reassures Bill about the accident. Ridge returns and relays he promised to keep Taylor updated. Bill and Liam go for coffee. Ridge grumbles to Brooke about Steffy being in pain.

In Steffy’s room, Dr. Finnegan remarks on how tough Steffy is and reminds her she can have more pain medication. Steffy, grimacing, wants to continue to try and ride it out. Finnegan warns her she won’t be feeling better for weeks and once again offers her pain meds if she needs them.
Steffy pain B&B

Dr. Finnegan touches base with Ridge and Brooke outside Steffy’s room and they discuss her trying to power through the pain without medication.

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Bill, Liam, and Ridge visit Steffy again and she encourages Bill not to beat himself up. Ridge asks how she’s feeling. Steffy just wants to be home with her little girl, who will be her miracle cure. She flinches in agony. The doctor assures the visitors they’ll take care of Steffy. Liam will give Kelly a kiss for her and exits. Bill will check on her in the morning and Ridge urges his daughter to let the doctor and nurses help her. Once alone, Steffy agonizes. When Finnegan re-enters she accepts pain medication.

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