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At Sally’s apartment, Penny tries to get Sally to respond but she remains unconscious. The doctor prompts Flo to call 911 as Wyatt frets. “Come on, Sally.”

Liam arrives at the hospital, where Brooke and Bill update him that she was unconscious but has come around. Liam assumes it was a hit-and-run and the ‘bastard’ took off. Bill glumly informs him the ‘bastard’ stopped – it was him. Liam learns he just couldn’t stop and decides it was a freak accident. He wants to see her.

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In Steffy’s hospital room, Dr. Finnegan tells Ridge he can understand why Steffy needed pain medication now that he’s seen the x-rays. Steffy grimaces and Ridge asks, “What’s wrong with my daughter?” Steffy refuses another dose, as Finnigan explains she’s sprained her back and fractured some ribs. Liam enters as he explains the pain won’t last forever – ribs usually heal on their own. The doctor exits, and Liam tells Steffy he doesn’t know what he would have done… “I don’t know what I would have done, that’s all.”
Liam visits Steffy B&B

Ridge rejoins Brooke and Bill in the waiting area and updates them on Steffy’s injuries. Bill still wants to see her, but Ridge barks, “Go home.” Bill implores, “Please, Ridge.” He needs to tell her how sorry he is.

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In Steffy’s hospital room, Liam assures her that Amelia will drop Kelly off at the cabin…it was Hope’s idea. Steffy thinks she’ll love being with her sister and thanks him. “Give her a hug for me.” She tears up thinking that she could have died and worries Liam thinks she’s horrible, but he doesn’t think it was bad for her to get back on the bike. Liam senses she’s in pain. but Steffy insists she’s fine and asks him not to tell Kelly she’s in the hospital. She doesn’t remember what happened. Ridge, Brooke, and Bill enter. Bill reveals she’s there because of him. He explains he was on his way to see Kelly when it happened…he tried to slam on his brakes… Steffy realizes, “You hit me?” She urges him not to feel guilty, it was an accident, then yells in pain. Ridge runs for the doctor.
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Elsewhere in the hospital, Dr. Griffith updates Wyatt, Penny, and Flo that Sally won’t suffer any long-term effects from the fall, but she suffered a panic attack – she’s been dealing with stress for some time. They all file in. Sally’s embarrassed and sorry. Flo says, “We know you are.” Wyatt warns her not to get upset. Sally remarks on landing in the hospital after pretending to be dying – they all get what they deserve in the end. She speaks to Wyatt alone and promises she’ll apologize to everyone. She loves him so much she got desperate. Sally hopes he’ll remember the good times they had – she hates she was so selfish that she wouldn’t let him end it his way. Sally hopes he’ll think of what they had, then maybe understand, and just maybe will forgive her.

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Steffy learns she’ll be in pain for weeks.

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