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At the beach house, Wyatt asks, “Where’s Flo, Sally?” Sally’s irked and wonders why he’s asking that. Wyatt directs her to look at the message on her undies in the mirror, ‘Help me. Flo’. He knows his girlfriend is in trouble and demands to know what she’s done with Flo. He threatens to call the police and Sally says he doesn’t need to. She gasps, “Oh, this isn’t me,” then confesses that Flo’s at her apartment with Dr. Escobar. Wyatt takes off.

At Sally’s apartment, Flo informs Penny that Wyatt won’t fall for Sally’s plan. Penny reminds her she told her what to text him, so he probably got the message. Flo whispers, “I hope so.” She wants Penny to untie her, but she won’t. Flo warns that Wyatt will find out all of this sooner rather than later. Penny expresses doubt about Wyatt’s willpower to keep his pants on. Flo’s counting on Sally taking hers off, and asks Penny again to end this.

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In Forrester Creations’ main office, Zoe gives Ridge a pitch for Hope for the Future. He realizes she has ambitions beyond being a model. They recap that it’s been rocky for her, but things are getting better with Hope. Ridge apologizes for his son’s behavior. Zoe exits when Brooke arrives. She wants him to come home, but he plans to stay at his dad’s. They bicker about Bill, then wonder why Steffy’s late for a meeting. Brooke wants to discuss their future.
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In Steffy’s hospital room, she’s still unconscious and Bill flashes to the motorcycle accident before pleading with her to wake up. “You’ve got to be okay.” Dr. Finnegan enters and Bill steps out. He calls Ridge and advises him that there’s been an accident and is in the hospital.

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At Forrester, Ridge disconnects from Bill, updates Brooke, and they rush out.

Ridge and Brooke arrive at the hospital, and Bill relays that Steffy was on her motorcycle and was hit by a car. Ridge tears up…he’s got to see her! Finally, Ridge asks why Bill’s there. Just then, the doctor emerges and relays that Steffy hasn’t improved, but she’s stable. Ridge goes in, kisses Steffy, and tells her he’ll do everything in his power to help her through this.
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Penny arrives at the beach house and Sally informs her Wyatt knows and has gone to look for Flo. She shows her the message on her undies to explain. Penny gapes. “Wow.”

Wyatt arrives at Sally’s place but can’t get in the locked door, so he kicks it in. He’s stunned to see Flo tied to the radiator and frees her with scissors. They embrace ecstatically and kiss.
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At Flo’s apartment, she informs Wyatt that Sally planned to get pregnant by him tonight. Wyatt insists he wouldn’t have been with her. He’s mystified at Sally’s actions – she’s dying. Flo breaks the news that she’s been lying the whole time. “Sally isn’t dying.”

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