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At the beach house, Wyatt leaves Flo another voicemail to see if she’s okay.

At Sally’s apartment, she debates with Flo about knocking her out and warns she’ll be having sex with Wyatt tonight. She’ll let her go…but not until she makes a lifetime connection with him first. Flo thinks she’s certifiable, but Sally argues she’s just determined. Penny returns with takeout and Sally updates her that Flo made her hit her head. Penny’s dismayed she’s still heading to Wyatt’s. Sally reiterates he won’t reject her once she’s pregnant. Flo feels he won’t forgive her for lying about dying. Sally shoots back, “He forgave you.” After Sally leaves, Flo discusses the situation with Penny, who’s in over her heard. She pleads with her to let her go. “Save yourself by helping save me and Wyatt.” Penny has to follow Sally’s instructions and texts. Flo guesses she’s texting Wyatt from her phone.
Flo certifiable B&B

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In the hospital, Steffy’s unconscious as Dr. Finnegan, (played by Tanner Novlan), gets updated on her motorcycle accident and condition. Bill appears and warns that’s Steffy Forrester in there. Finnigan won’t let him see her, but promises information once he examines her. Bill paces and flashes to looking at Steffy on the pavement and answering the EMT’s questions. Finnigan emerges and updates he’s running tests and Steffy’s stable. Bill clarifies it wasn’t her fault and worries about her being alone. The doctor says he can go in soon. Once in Steffy’s room, Bill tells her she’s a fighter – she has to be okay! He tearfully recaps he was on his way to see Kelly… She’s her mother’s daughter, beautiful, strong and totally kickass. He cries that he slammed on the brakes but… “I’m so sorry.”
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At the beach house, Wyatt asks Sally about her fall. She’s apologetic about the mess and wants tonight to be about them. Sally explains he’s given her hope and she’s decided to look into treatment. She hopes the future begins tonight. Sally goes on about the concern he’s shown and how great they were together as she moves closer. She begins to unbutton her top and simpers that there’s just one thing she wants before she goes. Wyatt stammers that he’s committed to Flo as he gets a text from her. Sally asks what she’s saying. The text urges him to make tonight for him and Sally. Wyatt considers this as Sally asks for just one night.
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At Sally’s place, Penny reads Flo what she texted to Wyatt. Flo’s in disbelief. Penny texts, ‘Make her feel loved. It’s okay. Enjoy yourself. It’s what I want’. Flo doubts he’ll go for it – it’s not what she’d say – she’d tell him to enjoy Sally head to toe and front to back. Penny taps it out.

In the beach house, Sally strips down and asks Wyatt to grant her final wish. In the mirror, Wyatt reads, ‘Help me. Flo’ written across the back of Sally’s underwear. Wyatt asks what she’s done with her and demands, “Where is Flo?”

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