Penny, Flo unconscious B&B
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At Steffy’s house, she interacts with Kelly as Liam arrives to visit. Liam gets Kelly down for a nap and hopes she and Steffy never question his love for her. Steffy promises things don’t need to be awkward and asks how things are with Hope. Liam replies, “Married life is…nice,” and confirms he’s happy. That’s all Steffy’s wanted for him. Liam recaps they’re still Kelly’s parents and adds, “We’re still us.” He asks if she’s good. Steffy’s busy with work and Kelly, but promises she’ll make time for herself. She reiterates that her dream of them being together ended when Hope put his ring on her finger.Liam, Steffy talk beach house B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Katie can’t stop thinking about Sally and Wyatt. Bill isn’t surprised she’s been there for Sally – she has the biggest heart of anyone he knows, and he’s sorry he’s broken it again. Bill is prepared to face the consequences for kissing Brooke…short of losing her and their family. Katie believes he’s sorry. She loves him more than she will ever love anyone but given the history between him and Brooke and everything that’s happened in the past, she doesn’t know if she can forgive him. Bill feels they can’t let a mistake that Quinn weaponized make them collateral damage. He wants to come home. Katie relays he had his chance – they need to tell Will the truth – they’re separated and may not get back together. Bill’s dismayed.
Bill, Katie talk Forrester Creations B&B

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Wyatt enters the beach house and gapes. “What is this?” as he takes in the mess. He rushes through the rooms crying out, “Sally, are you here?” Suddenly, he spots her abandoned walker.
Wyatt stunned beach house B&B

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In Sally’s apartment, Penny worries that Flo should have regained consciousness by now. Sally reminds her she checked her vitals – she’s fine. Penny places a pillow Flo’s head where she’s tied to the radiator by her ankle. Sally takes a call from a frantic Wyatt and lies that she fell, and is with her doctor having a check-up. Wyatt wants to be there for her, which makes her smile. After she disconnects, Penny worries they’ll be arrested for kidnapping. Sally won’t give up and muses, “The threat of just losing me isn’t enough.” Flo awakens, realizes she’s tied up, and exclaims, “You hit me and you kidnapped me?! You’ve both lost your minds! Untie me right now!” Sally stresses they never meant for this to happen, but she needs her to know how much she loves Wyatt. Flo warns she won’t get him like this. Penny agrees. Sally and Flo debate. Flo thinks Sally needs help. Sally declares she and Wyatt will have children and a family – they’re still going to have that. She intones that the timing is perfect according to the app on her phone and informs Flo, “I refuse to lose to you. I’m going to have Wyatt’s baby.”

At home, Wyatt tidies up.

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